Join us in the Humane Lane out on the road to show your support for and your love of homeless animals! Order either a HSHC Humane Lane or Maryland spay/neuter license plate for your vehicle!

Humane Lane HSHC License Plate

Sample License PlateOrder the official Humane Society of Harford County organizational plate! Your Humane Lane license plate proudly displays the Humane Society of Harford County logo and website and shows that you support pet adoption from your local animal shelter.

Maryland PET License Plate

You can also order the official Maryland PET license plate from HSHC to show the world that you support spaying and neutering and that you are committed to reducing pet overpopulation!

To Order

Below are the instructions to order either plate. Please read the instructions carefully and contact Erin at 410-836-1090, x106 with questions.

  • Spay Neuter License PlatesTotal fees for the plate are $50 ($25 goes to the MVA and $25 is a tax-deductible donation to HSHC).
  • Please use the secure form below to order your new plate.
  • To pay by check instead, download our form and mail 2 checks: a $25 check payable to HSHC and a $25 check payable to the MVA.
  • After we receive your order and payment, we will mail you an MVA form VR-124 to complete with information on your vehicle. Complete the application and return the white copy to HSHC, 2208 Connolly Road, Fallston, MD 21047. Do not mail it to the MVA!! Keep the yellow copy for your records.
  • We will submit your application form and payment to the MVA on your behalf.
  • The MVA will mail your new plates to you (please allow 6-8 weeks) and will include stickers that correspond to your current registration.
  • Remember to return your current plates to any MVA office after you receive your new plates.

Please Note the Following:

  • HSHC organizational plates cannot be personalized.
  • All tags will contain HL (Humane Lane) followed by a 4-digit number. Numbers will be assigned in the order in which applications are received.
  • The MVA will not process your application if you have outstanding traffic fines.
  • Eligible vehicles for our plates include: passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles (Jeeps, motorhomes, etc.), and trucks (10,000 lbs. or less). Sorry, historical vehicles and motorcycles are not eligible.
  • Payment for your HSHC license plates is different than your registration fee to renew your license plates. The charge for the HSHC license plates is a one-time fee, and the $25 fee paid to HSHC is a tax-deductible donation.
  • Your Maryland registration fee is paid every two years, and your new HSHC license plates cannot be issued until your registration is current. When you order your HSHC tags, you will NOT have to pay another registration fee.