HSHC is thankful for the many rescue groups who work with us to help more animals find their forever homes, and help make room here at the shelter for new daily arrivals.

We are always looking for new groups to partner with us to help save the lives of animals. If your organization would like to work with HSHC, please contact our Rescue Coordinator. And be sure to check out the animals that are searching for rescue placement below.

What is a rescue? An animal rescue is usually a private organization (does not receive any government funding) that is often completely volunteer-run. An animal rescue typically does not have a brick and mortar adoption center. Animals are given a temporary home through a network of animal foster parents, overseen by the rescue’s founders, who agree to host the animal until it is adopted. An animal rescue can also be focused on one or two types of animals only. Some are breed and age specific which is a good thing because this means that the people who are fostering the animals really have a passion for the specific breed or age of animal the rescue is focused on.

Why is an animal listed as rescue only? An animal at HSHC is put on a “Rescue Only Hold” for a variety of reasons, but most commonly if the animal has special medical or behavior needs, or just simply older or more stressed in the shelter environment. Our goal at the shelter is to find suitable placement in a timely manner to make room for new arrivals.

Why can’t I apply to adopt one of them? It takes a considerable behind the scenes effort to locate placement and coordinate the transfer to a rescue for each animal. Photos are taken, biographies are written, evaluations are done both by shelter and rescue personnel, foster homes must be secured, and transportation is arranged, among other tasks. Due to the significant investment of time and energy, adoption is not an option. There are plenty of other deserving dogs, cats, small and barnyard animals waiting for their chance at a loving, permanent home like yours!

Why can’t you tell me which rescue an animal has gone to? Most rescues we work with ask us not to disclose an animal’s whereabouts. We are merely respecting their wishes.



Small & Barnyard Animals