As part of its mission, the Humane Society of Harford County (HSHC) enjoys educating the community about the humane treatment of animals. We are always excited to talk to your students, your Scout troops or your youth group members about our animals, and share facts about our shelter. We may even be able to bring an animal to represent others in the shelter.

Humane Education Field Trips

Help make our future world a little brighter by instilling children with compassion and empathy for all living things! One way to accomplish this is by having one of our team members visit your class, Scout troop, or other youth group; or by bringing your group to the shelter for a visit. Our experienced speakers will tailor a presentation to your group’s needs, and we may even be able to bring an adoptable pet with us (if allowed.) Our interactive topics include proper pet care, dog bite prevention and safety around animals, the importance of volunteerism and giving back to the community, and of course, what a shelter does.

Scout Projects

There are plenty of educational opportunities available at the shelter to Girl Scouts, Brownies, Daisies, Boy Scouts, and Cubs. Many troops hold supply drives for items from our Wish List, and then wrap-up their projects by delivering their donations and taking a tour through the shelter. For a listing of project ideas, please check out our Youth & Group “Pet Projects” booklet.  Other troops want to earn a Pet Care or a Try It badge, so educational programs can be tailored to a troop’s specific needs.

Scouts working toward an Award, and scouts working toward their Eagle Scout rank, are welcome to submit project ideas to HSHC. Click here to send a message to HSHC’s volunteer coordinator.

Service Learning and Community Service Hours

Many schools select HSHC as the recipient of their service learning activities. Although students are not permitted to handle the animals at the shelter, there are numerous ways to help the animals at home or school.  Examples of successful activities include supply drives for items from our Wish List, craft projects such as making cat toys, and penny wars between classes. For additional project ideas, please take a look at the Youth & Group “Pet Projects” booklet.