We are most grateful for the generosity and support of our community members that often spend their own time, money and effort organizing a fundraiser to benefit our animals. These fundraisers vary in type and size, but include bake sales, car washes, golf tournaments, quarter auctions, happy hours, and more.

If you are interested in organizing and hosting your own event to benefit HSHC, we’d like to know about it! Please fill out our online form with a detailed description of your fundraising event. Then review our policies and procedures below, and check out our tips and downloads to help make your event a success.

Fundraising Ideas (the sky’s the limit!)

  • Bake sale
  • Birthday party or home holiday party
  • Car wash
  • Dining for Dollars night at a local restaurant
  • Gift wrapping
  • Kissing booth with your dog
  • Lemonade stand
  • Pampered Chef, Thirty One, Papparazzi, etc.
  • Quarter auction
  • Yard sale

Planning & Promotion

  • SEEK THE HELP OF FRIENDS & FAMILY – Getting help with your event will help you brainstorm creative ideas, divide the work and have more fun.
  • SET A GOAL for yourself – In the early stages of planning, you should identify your expenses and potential sources of income and donations. You should also set a fundraising goal.
  • KEEP EXPENSES LOW – Increase the amount of money you raise by limiting the amount of money you spend. Keep your expenses low by asking people to donate or discount items such as venue rental fees, entertainment, decorations, food and beverages. Ask for donations for auction items and raffle prizes.
  • START RAISING MONEY EARLY – It’s never too early to start asking and use the time around the holidays when families are gathered to ask for a donation.
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK – The #1 reason that people don’t give is because they aren’t asked.
  • SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS – Much of your success will depend on how well you spread the word about your event and the number of people you invite. How do you plan to let people know about your event? The more ways you can get the word out, the better.
  • USE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE and other social media – Be sure to include regular updates on your Facebook page, Instagram, etc. to reach your friends and family.
  • GET PERSONAL in your emails – If you’re as passionate about the animals as we are, say it! Tell why you are involved in raising money for the animals and why it is important to you.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN PLEDGE and tell your donors you are doing so – It shows your level of commitment.
  • GO OFFLINE – Use a paper pledge form for your doctor, dentist, next-door neighbor, kids’ sporting events, book club, dry cleaner, church group, etc. – or anyone else that you would not normally contact via email.
  • LOOK FOR MATCHING FUNDS – Find out if your employer and your donors’ employers have a “matching gifts program,” which will in effect double the amount you raise.
  • INCORPORATE OTHER WAYS TO RAISE MONEY – Think about creative ways to raise funds – live or silent auctions, raffles, 50/50 drawings, passing the hat, and sales of food or merchandise are just some examples of ways you can raise additional funds at an event.
  • DONATIONS are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE – Another reason to give!
  • THANK YOUR DONORS – When you receive a donation, please personally thank each donor. We appreciate your help in making people feel good about their connection to our mission.

Policies & Procedures

In order to ensure HSHC’s name, image and reputation are properly represented, we ask that all third-party fundraisers abide by the following policies:

  • The event must be promoted in a manner to avoid statements or the appearance of HSHC endorsing any product, firm, organization, individual or service.
  • The Humane Society of Harford County name and logo must be used in accordance with our graphic standards. Please do not alter the colors, font or aspect ratio. Right click on the thumbnail you’d like to use. On the following page, right click the image and copy or save.
  • All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds that will benefit HSHC.
  • Event organizers are responsible for working with HSHC to obtain all permits, especially those for raffles and/or games of chance.
  • Event organizers must obtain their own liability insurance to cover the event. HSHC is not financially liable for the promotion and/or staging of third-party events.
  • Final net proceeds should be turned over to HSHC within 30 days of your event.

How HSHC Can Support Your Event

If you haven’t already, please fill out our online questionnaire.

HSHC can support your event with:

  • Online fundraising tools. Use HSHC’s Facebook Fundraisers to create your own personal web page, where your friends and family can securely make online donations to support you. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes! To get started:
  1. 1. Visit HSHC’s Facebook Fundraisers and click “Raise Money”. Follow the simple on-screen prompts to set up your fundraiser.

2. Once you’ve set your goal and completed your page, send supporters to this page for easy online giving.

3. Facebook Fundraisers are great for folks who wish to have birthday or wedding gifts directed to HSHC.

  • Posting on our online event calendar.
  • Some events will be included in our monthly e-newsletter.
  • Hanging your flyers around the shelter.
  • Promoting on HSHC’s Facebook page.
  • Giving you informational brochures (please give us a 2 week notice)

Due to the number of requests we receive, HSHC cannot:

  • Send a representative to participate in all events & send merchandise to sell (t-shirts, hats, magnets, etc.). We will evaluate each event to determine if it’s suitable and/or if we have the resources available.
  • Supply adoptable pets to each and every event. We will evaluate each event to determine if it’s suitable and/or if we have the resources available.
  • Send emails to our donors promoting your event.
  • While we may be able to provide guidance for your event, we do not have the staff to handle the administrative tasks associated with third-party events. Therefore, you are responsible for all details including: underwriting all of the related costs; recruiting volunteers; creating flyers to publicize the event; and working at the actual event.

After Your Event

Final net proceeds should be turned over to HSHC within 30 days of your event. Please send any donations you’ve collected, along with your name, address, email and brief description of your fundraiser to:

Humane Society of Harford County
2208 Connolly Road
Fallston, MD 21047