We are extremely proud of the work we do for the animals of Harford County. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best care for the animals we serve, committed to providing exceptional customer service and devoted to finding forever homes for our animals.


Bob Citrullo
Executive Director
As a 25-year Army veteran and with 15 years of experience in animal welfare, Bob has led animal shelters and humane societies throughout the country, including in Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, and Iowa. During his six years as the executive director of the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga, TN, Bob increased the organization’s budget from $875,000 to $2.2 million, increased revenue to allow for the building of a new facility, increased the live release rate to 93%, secured significant donations, and set up in-house spay and neuter for shelter animals. Originally from Philadelphia, Bob served in the Army, retiring honorably as an Army ER nurse. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Liberty University, as well as a Nonprofit Management & Leadership Certificate from Arizona State University. Bob has four rescue dogs: Anabelle, Elvis, Quincy, and Oliver.
Michael Andrews
Adoptions Counselor
Michael truly loves pets and people, and working at our busy front desk ties his love for superior customer service together with his desire to help animals. “I’ve loved animals since I was very little,” he says. “I’ve had everything from cats and dogs to a bunnies and even a tortoise!” Before joining our team, Michael says he visited the shelter all the time just to see the animals and even adopted a rabbit many years ago that is named Bart. Michael’s other pets include two Persian cats, a dog and a hamster named Bean. Outside of work, he enjoys doing arts & crafts and shopping for antiques.
Maddy Barranco
Animal Care
Maddy’s very first word as a toddler was “cat” and she’s been obsessed with them ever since! Like some of her co-workers, Maddy was in 4-H as a young adult and raised sheep and chickens. She’s also been a pet sitter for over 17 years! After graduation she worked as a park naturalist caring for snakes, turtles and other wildlife. “I like getting to know the cats here at the shelter,” Maddy says. “It’s a privilege making sure they are as comfortable and happy as possible during their time with us.” Maddy enjoys hanging out with family and friends, going on country drives and discovering new places to eat or shop, and travelling to national parks. Her own pets include 6 chickens and 3 cats named Big Boy, Bebe and Kelly.
Katie Blake
Animal Care
Like all her co-workers, Katie says she’s always loved animals and dreamed of one day becoming a veterinarian. Katie’s career actually started a few years ago when she volunteered here at our shelter, and from there, has worked at a boarding kennel, with a doggie daycare, at a grooming salon and at PetCo as a dog trainer before coming back to where it all began! “I love coming in every day and getting to work with the dogs,” she says. “Being surrounded by staff who are kind and love and care for the animals is great to see!” Katie’s own pack includes a Border Collie/German shepherd mix named Cooper, a ferret named Sage, and a cat named Moose. When she’s not surrounded by dogs here at the shelter, Katie enjoys shopping, reading, drawing, going to concerts, and playing video games. “I love being outside and enjoy trips to the beach and camping.”
Libby Brown
Adoptions Counselor
Meet Libby, who says she enjoys the fast pace of the busy front desk and the variety of animals she encounters each day as an adoptions counselor. “It’s really rewarding to help people adopt animals into their loving homes,” she says. “Our family always had pets as I was growing up, so it’s fun helping people have the same experience as I did.” Previously Libby worked as a cat caretaker at Animal Rescue, Inc. and also as a baker. She says she knows a lot about French style baking and pastries (yum!). In her spare time, Libby enjoys the company of her long-haired tuxedo cat, Mason, watching movies, enjoying a hot beverage at coffee shops and napping.
Reed Casson
Training & Enrichment Coordinator
With a passion for animals that took root as a child, Reed is a great addition to our dog team. He brings experience working as a dog trainer and at a local doggie daycare. Both positions allowed him to explore his interest in animals and learn dog behavior, but he still felt something was missing. At the shelter, Reed is able to use all he has learned to help the dogs blossom and realize their full potential. “I like working at HSHC to help the dogs find homes and work in a field that I’m passionate about,” he explains. “My dream job would be to own my own rescue organization!” Outside of work, Reed enjoys anime, playing fighting games and tournaments, writing, and spending time with his own dogs, 2 Huskies named Botan and Luffy and a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix named Nami.
Stephanie Clark
Vet Tech Manager
Stephanie’s career has come full circle after working at HSHC from 2006-2009! Steph helped create the foster and rescue program for the shelter over 10 years ago while also working as a vet tech. She left to be the lead vet tech at another local shelter for 7 years, and then gained several more years of experience at a private veterinary practice until the fall of 2019. “I realized how much I missed being in a shelter atmosphere,” she explains. “Shelter medicine is my true passion, and I like being a voice for those who have none.” Outside of work, Steph and her husband are raising two children, and she enjoys traveling, reading actual books (as opposed to a Kindle or Nook), attending concerts and following the Orioles. “Despite being born and raised in Maryland, when it comes to football, I’m a big Chicago Bears fan!” she says. Steph’s family also includes beagle mix Samantha, two black cats named D’jango and Hilda, and a freshwater aquarium.
Liz Corbin
Vet Tech
Vet tech is the job’s name, but providing the absolute best care for all our animals is the game, and Liz plays the game well! “Growing up with dogs, I knew from a young age I wanted to work with animals because I truly enjoyed caring for them and helping them any way I could,” she says. “From working at animal hospitals, to owning my own pet sitting business, to now working at HSHC, I have enjoyed getting to know all types of four legged fur friends.”  In her role as a vet tech, Liz helps medicate animals, run laboratory tests, assist with surgeries, and more. “To be able to take care and love all the animals here until they find their forever home is the best feeling.” At home Liz and her husband Scott have 3 cats (Leroy, Emily & Willow) and a Shih Tzu named Lil Susie Cream Cheese who runs the house. Since moving here from California 2019 the family enjoys taking drives and exploring their new home state.
Mackenzie Densmore
Animal Care
Mackenzie loves cats! And so her job on the shelter cat team makes perfect sense. Mackenzie grew up on a farm helping her father take care of his cows, pigs and cats, both indoor and out. “I’ve always had a love for animals, even at a very young age,” she says. “It’s been a passion of mine to make every animal that walks through the shelter’s doors feel loved and cared for.” Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her own 3 cats – Matthew, Pinecone and Mila – traveling with her family, and horseback riding. And a little fun fact: prior to joining our team, Mackenzie taught pre-school!
Emma Easter
Animal Care
Emma’s experiences with animals started at a young age, and her passion for nature and being outdoors only fuels the fire! “I taught our family’s first dog all sorts of tricks,” she says. “I even won the science fair at school that year because I incorporated him into the project.” Emma volunteered at a horse farm and worked at a boarding kennel before joining us at HSHC. “I like being able to provide a safe home for hurt and/or unwanted animals and caring for them with respect.” And whenever the shelter takes in a snake, Emma is there for it! Besides her Shih Tzu/King Charles mix, Rella, Emma also has 2 snakes: a California King snake named Alan Jackson and a black Rat snake named Stevie Nicks. She also enjoys fishing, hiking, singing and playing music on either her ukelele, guitar, piano or flute. And she’s almost 100% fluent in German and knows Hebrew!
Sarah Esbenshade
Animal Care
Sarah’s career with animals started early. “I’ve grown up with pets being a huge part of my life,” she remarks. “I followed in my sister’s footsteps and did a lot with 4H like raising goats and rabbits.” But Sarah says her favorite and most rewarding volunteer gig was raising and training puppies to serve as guides for the blind for the nonprofit, The Seeing Eye. “After graduating from vet tech school, I went to work in TN for a few years and started fostering dogs for the local humane society. I loved every bit of it!” Outside of work, Sarah loves hiking, camping, and kayaking with Captain, her 4-year-old pit bull mix. Her other pets are Yuki, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever; a 1-year-old cat named Chaos; and 2 Nubian goats, Woody and Jessie.
Diana Frederick
Alternative Placement Manager
Diana has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to caring for animals and introducing them to prospective new families. “My job experiences include many years of customer service-related jobs. I guess you could say I’m not only an animal lover but also a people person.” She once served as the operations manager at a tourist attraction in Lancaster, PA called The Amish Farm & House. She was in charge of caring for the farm animals there as well as giving German/bilingual tours of the Amish countryside and a whole host of other managerial duties. Most recently, she was with Furever Safe Rescue where she evaluated dogs, provided for their needs and interviewed potential adopters. “It’s become a passion of mine to help dogs and people live together in harmony and be the voice for animals in need.” Diana enjoys spending time outdoors with her children, dogs and fiancé, going on motorcycle rides, and hanging with friends. Her own pets include Geneva the perfect mutt, Brandy a red nose pit bull, and Ellie a Staffordshire terrier mix.
Emily Henshaw
Animal Care Manager
Emily joined our Animal Care team in the Spring of 2020 and works closely with the dogs in our care. Previously, she worked at a doggy day care for 5 years and worked her way up to manager there. “I love how we are able to take care of dogs that are desperately in need of love and affection,” she says. “Seeing a dog come from a horrible situation and then end up in a foster home or permanent home where they are finally loved is the most rewarding thing to me!” Emily’s own 4-legged family includes Luffy and Botan, both Siberian Huskies, and Nami, a Border Collie/German shepherd mix. When she’s not saving animals, Emily and her boyfriend enjoy going to anime conventions, eating sushi, hiking with the dogs, and playing video games.
Danielle Holbrook
Animal Care
To say that Danielle has oodles of animal care experience is putting it mildly! And it all started as a child. “I grew up working with animals,” she says. “I competed in rodeos and trained horses all through school, and I also raised cattle, lambs and rabbits for showing at the fair.” Her list of former jobs is impressive as well with stints at the New Smyrna Beach Humane Society, the Humane Society of St. Thomas, the Central Florida Zoo, and Silver Springs Theme Park as the wildlife education coordinator and lead of the reptile/entertainment department. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also fostered for many different rescue groups when she lived in Florida and Texas. When Danielle isn’t at work, she enjoys hiking and being outdoors in her garden; taking care of her 5 Poison Dart frogs, 2 Leopard geckos and veiled Chameleon; and cuddling on the couch with a good book and dogs Stewie and Roger. “My husband and I love to travel the world and see wildlife. We have traveled to Costa Rica, seen the elephants and tigers in Thailand, gone on safari in South Africa, snorkeled with the sea turtles in the British Virgin Islands, and trekked through the Amazon rainforest in Peru.”
Erin Long
Marketing & Development Manager
Erin has been employed at the HSHC since November 2006. She has several cats and dogs adopted from the shelter and several cats who were found as strays near her home and became part of the family. Senior dogs, especially hound-types, are her weakness! Erin absolutely could not imagine working anywhere else. Plus she gets to work with and meet so many amazing people who share her love for animals. Erin also works part-time at the front desk at Pleasantville Animal Hospital. She has been married to her husband, John, since 2006. Erin holds a BA in Communications from Elizabethtown College with dual minors in Business Administration and Visual Arts.
  Nicky Myers
Vet Tech
Since childhood, Nicky has raised and fostered animals, so it was inevitable that she would become a veterinary technician, a job she’s been doing for over 7 years.”I love that our jobs make a difference in our community and the animals of Harford County,” she says. “I have the pleasure of working with some of the most passionate people around!” Outside of work, Nicky enjoys crafting, camping, horseback riding, and playing sports with her two young boys. “I love camping and experiencing everything with my family, both furry and human!” Her furry family includes Kayla, a 9-year-old Siberian Husky; Jax, a long-haired dachshund who’s 6; Rocket, a 3-year-old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix; Karu, a 3-year-old cat; and Ducky, a bearded dragon who’s 6.
Holly Nichols
Animal Care
“I grew up with animals, so they’ve been an important aspect in my life for as long as I can remember.” Holly has channeled her enthusiasm into her career and after working at a doggy daycare, she is now an important member of our animal care team. “I like working at HSHC because I get to love and care for animals that need it,” she says. “The care we give them makes a huge difference in their lives!” When she’s not hard at work in our kennels, Holly enjoys going on hikes and adventures with her black Lab, Willow. She also says the beach is her happy place.
  Kelly O’Connor
Adoptions Manager
Kelly joined our team in the fall of 2017 and enjoys helping the pets and people that come through the front doors. “I have grown up with pets my entire life,” she says. “From the time I was a very small child, I gush every time I see a cute critter!” It’s only fitting that animals have played a pivotal role in Kelly’s professional life. She’s worked as a pet portrait photographer, at a doggy daycare facility in Portland, Oregon, and at Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS). At BARCS Kelly was an animal care attendant for 2 years, a customer service rep for another 2 years and most recently was the resource coordinator. She also graduated from massage school. “I love to use those same relaxation techniques with dogs and cats in the shelter,” she says. Outside of work Kelly enjoys swimming, photography, camping, tattoos, listening to music, cooking and going out to new restaurants. Her 4-legged family includes 3 cats named Agent, Bishop and Archer; Rambler, a Newfoundland; and a mutt named Hobbs.
Erika Ponsiek
Administrative Assistant
Erika began her career with HSHC in April 2019 after a long stint as a volunteer. “I started volunteering in 2010 after trying to find the owner of a stray cat,” she says. “I soon discovered just how many stray cats there are and wanted to help.” Her own family of three cats are named Special Agent Jack Bauer, Dr. House, and Kelly Katpowski. “I also have a newt named Tron that I got as a college freshman because it was the only pet we could have in the dorms. He’s now 18 and would be a freshman himself!” Erika says she enjoys the camaraderie among the staff and volunteers at the shelter. “I love the positivity of everyone and working together to save lives and reunite families.” Outside of work, Erika loves photography and music and therefore goes to as many shows and takes as many photos as she can!
  Clarke Schuyler
Maintenance Manager
Clarke joined HSHC in the spring of 2017 to maintain and repair the shelter’s buildings, grounds, equipment, and vehicles. “I am excited to take over the care of the building so the furry kids and their caregivers have an enjoyable place to be,” he says. Clarke has prior experience working on horse racing farms, and he’s a huge animal lover. “I have a little white Maltese named Iggie Pop Rocks and a wild and crazy cat I named Thumper Trump because when he runs, he sounds like an old Triumph motorcycle. In his spare time, Clarke enjoys spending time with his family and friends, riding his motorcycle and working on Harleys and Triumphs.
Maria Troutman
Animal Care
Maria joined the HSHC family in July 2012. Her own pet family consists of 4 cats, 2 fish tanks, 4 snakes and 1 lizard! Maria has volunteered at the Baltimore Zoo and she loves playing video games and hanging out with family and friends. Obviously Maria is an animal lover and she says she likes working at HSHC because it “feels like I’m making a difference in the lives of all the animals.”
Monica Weber Monica Weber
Animal Care
Since March of 2015 Monica has been helping to take care of all the animals here at HSHC and ensure that their environment is clean and tidy. Monica says that her job fulfills a passion that she’s had her whole life.  “Growing up in the hills of Tennessee, our family always had many different animals to take care of.  We had a raccoon and a razorback pig as pets.” Monica’s own pets include a long-haired guinea pig she calls Hippy Jim!
Dana Wenger
Community Outreach & Volunteer Manager
Dana recently retired as a supervisor with the Maryland State Police with 25 years of service where she spent a majority of her career in criminal investigations. She was a Nationally Registered Paramedic in Harford County for more than a decade before beginning her volunteer service in animal welfare. And Dana literally practices what she preaches: volunteering! She began her journey with us in 2011 when she became an official dog walking volunteer which soon led to fostering and volunteering in our veterinary department. She’s also volunteered with Pets For Vets, helping to start a local chapter, and volunteers on the Board with the Maryland Animal Cruelty & Animal Fighting Task Force where she currently serves as the Vice President. In addition, Dana has worked part-time as a veterinary technician at a local clinic in Harford County for the past six years. Dana is certified by the ASPCA in Field Response and Investigations and has also completed the Fear Free Shelter certification. Dana holds a special place in her heart for shelter animals and her 3 dogs were all rescues from HSHC!
Ava Wyatt
Adoptions Counselor
Since joining our adoptions team in the summer of 2022, Ava hasn’t needed to find a home for any horses, but should the need arise, we’re glad she’s on our side! “Prior to working at HSHC, I worked as an exercise rider and caretaker for racehorses,” Ava says. “I’ve always been an animal lover, and most of my childhood was spent taking care of and riding horses. Here at the shelter I’ve learned that I love to see a smile on a new adopter’s face as they walk out the door with their new furry family member!” When she’s not introducing people to their new pets, Ava enjoys boating, fishing, hunting and spending time with her friends. She also enjoys time with her Beagle, Lucy, who she adopted from HSHC in 2018. “My family was not looking for another dog, but Lucy came home with us the same day. I was not leaving the facility without her!”
Eden Yoos
Animal Care
When Eden says she loves animals, she’s not just talking about the furry ones! She has a deep appreciation for feathered and finned animals as well. “I am a wildlife photographer outside of work and I also love  working with plants,” she says. “I have experience working with many species due to volunteering with a wildlife organization and working as a pet sitter and at a doggie daycare.” Eden says the absolute best part about working at HSHC is working one-on-one with the dogs she cares for and making a direct impact in their lives. She shares her home with two cats, a dog and a shrew.