Permanently naming a section or item inside the shelter is a beautiful way to help homeless pets. Donors can honor a pet, person, or family – either living or deceased – or even a business or organization.

Platinum Level: Name an Area in the Shelter

You can permanently name an area inside the shelter with your company name or the name of a beloved pet or person.

Shelter Building $1,000,000
Adoption Center Lobby $250,000
Education/Training/Meeting Room $100,000
Gift Shop $50,000
Dog Kennel Wing $50,000
Medical Treatment Suite $25,000
Cat Community Room & Outdoor Catio $25,000
Courtyard $25,000
Small Animal Suite $25,000
Cat Nursery $25,000
Kitten Room $25,000
Adoption Counseling Area $10,000
Cat Get-Acquainted Room $10,000
Dog Get-Acquainted Room $10,000
Indoor Dog Kennel & Outdoor Kennel Run $5,000
Cat Condo $2,500

Gold Level: Leaves of Love

Become part of this attractive, hand-carved wooden interior tree displayed prominently in our Adoption Center Lobby.

Contributor Stone $5,000
Brass Leaf $2,000
Copper Leaf $1,000

Silver Level: Plaque of Hope

The Plaque of Hope is prominently located in the Adoption Center Lobby and celebrates those who have given hope to the animals.

1½” x 3¾” Engraved Silver Plate $500
7/8″ x 2¾” Engraved Silver Plate $250

To learn more about the levels of giving, payment plans, and/or to submit engraving requests, please contact Bob Citrullo at 410-836-1090, x101.