Lunch & Learn: Backyard Chickens

September’s Lunch & Learn will be presented by Dr. Rebecca Gounaris from Pleasantville Animal Hospital of Fallston. Are you one of the thousands of people who started a flock of backyard chickens during the pandemic? Or perhaps you’re an experienced chicken keeper and there’s something you’ve always wanted to know! We are designing the hour all around YOU and are seeking your questions.

We’ll attempt to answer as many questions as possible during the Lunch & Learn on September 29 from 12-1pm.

  • To ask a question, please use the form below.
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  • If your pet is experiencing an emergency, is sick or in pain, please schedule an in-person visit with a veterinarian. You’ll find a list of local vets here.

Backyard Chickens: Ask the Vet

  • Please submit your question regarding the health or behavior of your backyard flock of chickens. Our guest speaker is able to provide general guidance, advice and education, but due to state mandates, cannot diagnose medical conditions for specific situations. Please seek immediate in-person veterinary attention if your pet is sick or in pain.