As she was pumping gas one night at a Harford County Royal Farms store, a Good Samaritan found Ruby lingering nearby, alone and injured, but happy and thankful to be scooped up and brought home for the night. The next morning, she brought Ruby to the shelter where we could see (and smell) an oozing infection in her ear and an extremely large mass on her cheek. Because she needed urgent medical attention and the shelter’s veterinarian was out sick, we turned to our friends down the road at Pleasantville Animal Hospital who agreed to see her right away. After taking x-rays and running her bloodwork, they removed a large, firm mass near her salivary gland and submitted a small section to the lab for biopsy. While under sedation, they also cleaned her teeth and flushed her ear.

Following her surgery and feeling immediate relief, Ruby has become quite the sensation at the animal hospital. They have insisted on keeping her at the hospital temporarily while the pocket in her cheek is drained and she receives supportive medication to aid in the healing process. She has made herself at home at the hospital and enjoys hanging out in the reception area behind a baby gate. Everyone there loves her and she even gets along with the hospital cats that call the hospital home!

Thankfully, the pathology report revealed that the tumor was benign and is not cancerous, and Ruby should make a complete recovery! Until then, Pleasantville has made a commitment to care for her while she recuperates. The groomer there even gave her a bath and brush and trimmed around her face!

Unfortunately, animals are still in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to our partners, animal control officers, donors, volunteers, staff, and animal lovers like you, we will continue to be there for the animals of Harford County. Make a donation to support Ruby and animals just like her!