Toby’s Fractured Femur

Kind of amazing, isn’t it? While no one’s caroling or baking cookies in anticipation, it has become one of the most magical and inspiring days of the year. Giving Tuesday is the day when people come together in goodwill to support the causes they care about.

As the county’s only municipal animal shelter, the Humane Society of Harford County accepts animals of any breed, age, temperament, or condition. With your help, we can always be ready at a moment’s notice to attend to a critical injury.

This year we have a pretty hefty $4,000 bill from an orthopedic surgeon. Read on to learn how you can help with Toby’s ongoing care.

Two-year-old Toby came to us with a fractured femur and was unable to bear any weight on his leg. At the emergency vet, x-rays revealed the extent of the nasty break, and an estimate for surgery with an orthopedic specialist in Towson came to between $3,500-4,500. Knowing that you’d have our back, it was a no-brainer. Do the surgery!

The surgery was successful, and Toby now has a plate, screw and an intramuscular pin in his leg. He was also neutered, but now needs strict crate rest for 8-12 weeks. He will have a rehabilitation evaluation in 2 weeks and in 8 weeks, Toby will be back at the orthopedist for a re-check and x-rays to make sure everything is healing correctly.

Your support this #GivingTuesday means Toby and animals in similar situations never have to suffer due to a lack of funding.