The Lonely Hearts Club Adoption Program was created to highlight pets that have been at the shelter for a longer period of time than their friends. Every day, certain animals watch visitors come to the shelter searching for their new best friends, hoping that someone will stop and pay attention to them, give them a new home and a new life. Unfortunately, time after time they get passed over.

These pets may be older, not as outgoing or eye-catching, or maybe they just blend in with the rest. They are being overlooked for whatever reason, but will still make wonderful pets if given the opportunity.

The adoption fee for all animals in the Lonely Hearts Club will be discounted by 50%.

Animals that are in the Lonely Hearts Club have a Lonely Hearts Club sticker affixed to their cage/kennel at the shelter.

If you are the type of person that, above all, wants to help those most in need, please take a look at our Lonely Hearts Club members – a special pet may be waiting just for you!