With faces that are cute enough to melt any heart; soft purrs that erase even the most stressful day; and gentle personalities that lick loneliness, Kitty Krusaders will save your day!

Packed with all kinds of super-powers in a pint-sized package, Kitty Krusaders are special cats that are just a little bit different, but are otherwise loving, super heroic cats who deserve a chance at a loving forever home! These cats possess one of the following “powers”:

  • X-Ray Vision. Cats with treatable conditions which are well-managed with medication, such as diabetes, heart murmurs, thyroid issues.
  • The Healing Factor. Cats with chronic conditions, such as frequent urinary tract infections and sensitive stomachs, who respond well to special diets to maintain optimum health.
  • The Fountain of Youth. Cats over the age of 10 years old.
  • Abundance of Love. These cats prefer to be the only pet in the home.
  • ESP (ExtraSensory Perception). Cats with chronic upper respiratory infections that are not contagious to other felines and will not interfere with quality of life.
  • Night Vision. Cats who are blind or deaf.
  • Superhuman Speed. These three-legged cats have the ability to move, run, fly, react, think, and sense with incredible speed.

To find a Kitty Krusader, look for the special sticker affixed to the cage card. If you’re specifically looking for a hero with super-powers, our staff is happy to help you find one to suit your lifestyle.

Because you might have to make an extra trip or two to your veterinarian for prescription food or a check-up, we will waive the adoption fee for a Kitty Krusader.