We Have Great Buns

Did you know that rabbit acrobatics are called ‘binkies’? When happy, rabbits are capable of giant leaps, kicks and twists in midair. This happy leap is known as a ‘binky’. That’s right and we currently have a dozen bunnies who will happily be doing binkies when you visit and adopt!

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In case you’re in doubt over whether a rabbit is right for you, check out our top ten reasons to add a bunny to your home. If you have been considering a rabbit as a pet, or considering a friend for your current rabbit, maybe now is the time!

  1. 10. They’re eco-friendly. Bunnies love recycled toys like toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay, used cardboard boxes with a door cut out, or even an old phone book for digging. You can compost their entire litter box if you use a natural litter, and you can grow herbs and greens for them right in your backyard!
  2. 9. Your bunny will be with you for a long time. Believe it or not, bunnies can live up to 10-12 years. That means you’ll have lots of time to spend with your new friend.
  3. 8. Allergic to dogs and cats? Try a bunny! Some people who are allergic to dogs and/or cats are not allergic to bunnies. They’re a great alternative companion!
  4. 7. Petting a bunny reduces stress. There are quite a few scientific studies demonstrating that just watching an animal reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases serotonin, the happy molecule. Snuggling up with a bunny can even lower blood pressure!
  5. 6. They’re great in apartments. They only need a minimum of a 4×4 space to live in during the day, with some time to roam free in the evenings. Plus they’re quiet enough not to bother the neighbors. You won’t ever have to take them out for walks, and you don’t need a backyard to let them run around in.
  6. 5. Compared to dogs or cats, they’re fairly low-maintenance. Bunnies don’t need to go for walks, they don’t need vaccines and they can be litter box trained. Although they do need to visit the vet for regular care and they are not a “starter pet” for children, they are pretty easy to care for!
  7. 4. They want to play when you do. Bunnies are “crepuscular”, meaning that they’re most active in the mornings and evenings. That means bunnies are the most playful in the evenings when you get home from work!
  8. 3. Bunnies are entertaining. Have you ever seen a bunny binky? It’s not only amazing, it’s adorable too. Bunnies are intelligent; they can learn tricks and play games. It’s even more fun if you adopt two!
  9. 2. They may be small, but they have BIG personalities. Bunnies can be sweet, friendly, sassy, energetic, goofy and a little bit of everything. You’ll be surprised at how much personality, attitude and spunk your bunny will have!
  10. 1. Bunnies make wonderful companions. They will make you smile when you’re down, they will listen when you need to talk, and they’ll snuggle you when you need a friend. Who knows? You may even get a few kisses!

Whatever reasons you have, bringing a bunny into your home can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. And choosing to adopt a bunny gives a homeless bunny a forever home. If you are hoping to add a bunny or two to your life, stop by the shelter and we’ll help you find your new, furry friend!

Click here to view the bun-buns up for adoption.

For more interesting rabbit facts as well as how to care for your new bunny, visit The House Rabbit Society.