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Celebrating special people and pets who have touched a life. A Memorial Gift is a thoughtful gift with special meaning that honors the life of a pet, friend or relative, and is truly a lasting tribute.

 2019 – PEOPLE

In Memory of Tyler Anderson by:
Andrew Abboud

In Memory of Aunt Annabelle by:
Sandra Lawless

In Memory of Mary Balachia by:
Rose Marie Durante
Suzanne Warner

In Memory of Deborah Bangs by:
Adams Chevrolet
Andrea Cancellieri
Anthony Capozzi
Elaine Hirsch
Joseph Lauck
Robert J. Litter
Pat and Caity Lovett
Bob and Betty Myers
Winters Run Golf Course

In Memory of Dick Barranger by:
Gerald Colston

In Memory of Jim Beach by:
Diane Stafford

In Memory of Len Becker by:
Jean Landau-Vogt
Christy Marks-Older
Evelyn Marks
Dean and Geraldine Patterson
Katherine Marks Reter

In Memory of Darlene Bennett by:
Bruce List

In Memory of Jay Bittner by:
Jane Morsberger

In Memory of Marta Bordelon by:
Linda Bullis

In Memory of Eben Townsend Bramhall by:
Stacey Klima

In Memory of Laurie Brewer by:
Betty Ann Furlong
John and Wilma Spencer

In Memory of Franz Burris by:
Joseph E. Davis, Jr.

In Memory of Ronald A. Cantler by:
Annette S. Fletcher

In Memory of Amy Caprio by:
Fern M. Hamel
Marty Kuchta
Virginia McClellan

In Memory of Daniel Carr-Jackson by:
Baltimore County Public Library Essex Branch
Deborah Bremer

In Memory of Dana Kathleen Catalfamo by:
Kathleen Catalfamo
Mia Ellis
Jerry & Claire Ichniowski

In Memory of Mel Chalk by:
Marie McKelvey

In Memory of Laurie K. Christoforo by:
William & M. Louise Christoforo

In Memory of Bud Clabaugh by:

In Memory of Anita Marie Coogan by:
Keith and Betty Gehr
Lisa Schenk
Thomas Vandaniker

In Memory of Sharon Kay Cook by:
Chris Awalt
Susan Awalt
Kelly Cook
Page Cook
Page Cook for FFG
Elizabeth Davey
Steven Johnson
Matthew Kuester
William Kuester
Sharon Mueller
Barbara J. Preston
Bruce & Patty Redmer
Jason Stewart
Vanguard Matching Gift Program

In Memory of Lorraine Daly by:
Barbara Fey
Jane Gonter
Martha Hackett
Hopewell United Methodist Church
David and Rosemary Logan
Doris M. McGinnis
Ann Mezoff

In Memory of Lisa DeMonte by:
Tammie Alley
E. Michelle Jones
Angela Yuran

In Memory of Martha Jean Dent by:
Edward Dell
Dominic Levis
Mary Mulcahy

In Memory of Ted DeWald by:
Thompson Automotive of Dundalk

In Memory of Kristian A. DiMartino by:
Paul Balsamo
Joanne Berterman
Melanie & Guy Cook
David & Janet Datsko
Nancy M. Hooper
Susan Murphy
Patricia Pohorence
Erin Saul

In Memory of Judy Sawdargs Doering by:
Roger and Melissa Schneider
Gerry Spencer
Ron & Veronica Yeagle

In Memory of Lorraine Donovan by:
William and Paige Cox
Leigh Shotto

In Memory of Daniel Allen Doran by:
Alan Doran

In Memory of Nancy Dresbach by:
Jody Millholen

In Memory of Page L. Edwards by:
Chris & Tracie M. Edwards Masek

In Memory of Barbara Fabula by:
Robin Marie Evick
Harriet Goldman
Meryle R. Watts

In Memory of Robert F. Feldman by:
Shirley Brady
Patricia Cosgrove
Patricia Goralski
Margaret Heller
Roberta Lijewski
Robert Sawyer
Don and Gail Winaker

In Memory of Yoshiko Ferguson by:
James Mundis

In Memory of Eleni Filippakis by:

In Memory of Myrtle Marie Foutz by:
Jarrettsville Homemakers
Lisa Marie Mark

In Memory of Barbara J. Frary by:
Charles E. Frary

In Memory of Shirley Fritsch by:
Dale Rixham

In Memory of Robert Geer by:
Mandy Sawyer
Linda Thompson

In Memory of Penny Gilpin by:
Amelia Elena Staylor

In Memory of Judy Bowen Glennon by:
Dorothy Raff
Gretchen Sarkin

In Memory of Charles Louis Gosewisch by:
Sheila L. Bowers
Charlotte & John Kahler

In Memory of Raymond Joey Gray by:
Raymond Monk

In Memory of Glenn Grymes by:
Sammye & Glenn Grymes

In Memory of Jack Hallock by:

In Memory of Bryce James Hardesty by:
James & Susan Mead

In Memory of Agnes Hennet by:
Richard and Jean Scott

In Memory of Edwin Hess by:
Bob Chance
Stephen Hooper
L&J Properties
Norwalk Wilbert Vault Co., LLC
Robert and Beatrice Ward
Donald H. Young

In Memory of Mary Anna Hessler by:

In Memory of Dereck Hobbs by:
Lisa Jean Crispino

In Memory of Matthew Houff by:
Jodi Adams
Katie Byard
Walt Pratt
Lori Raab
Christine Vogelsong

In Memory of JJ Huffman by:
Leslie Denver

In Memory of Danny Jackson by:
Judy Meehan

In Memory of Betty Jagerman by:
Robert Romeo

In Memory of Charles Jirsa by:
Ronald & Betty Beall

In Memory of Beverly Ann Keyes by:
Friends & Colleagues in LMBI and NIA
Jonathan K. Marx
Laurie Stone

In Memory of Roger and Donna Kezar by:
Alisa and Eileen Gellman and Loftus

In Memory of Deborah Ann Klarman by:
Deborah Ann Klarman

In Memory of Richard Knaver, Sr. by:
Kenneth W. Miller

In Memory of Mary Kotras by:
Diane Marie Kotras

In Memory of Deborah Gabriel Kuhn by:
John Joseph Albers
Allan and Beverly Bagnall
Jennifer Borsoni
William and Susan Bullock
Bridget M. Colclough
Dudley and Sally Connell
Niel Constantine
Lori Csik
Carolyn Daley
James Duklewski and Maxine Saunders
Eastern Savings Bank
Deborah Falkenhan
First National Bank of Pennsylvania
Stephen and Joanne Green
Kelly M. Jernigan
Jean Kuhn
Pat & Chuck Lawrence
Janis McGuire
Karen M. McMillion
Pamela Monacelli
Michael Phipps
Nancy Rudy
Joan Sheehan
Nancy Shewell
Priscilla Stein
Lillian Treherne
Nancy Undem

In Memory of Thelma Kujawa by:
Baltimore Co. Lodge #4, FOP
Valentine Kujawa
Jean Mattingly

In Memory of Monica Justine Lannen by:
Randy Gale
Finley E. Helmick
Margie M. Jackson
Stephen Martin

In Memory of Jack and Mary London by:

In Memory of Jack London, Jr. by:
Dolores Righter
Larry Tilley

In Memory of Kathie Long by:
Dennis and Sandra Murphy

In Memory of William J. Long Jr. by:
Dawson Bus Service

In Memory of Helen R. Magaha by:
Kimberly Evans

In Memory of Morgan Manion by:
Carla Ortiz

In Memory of Andrea Markiewicz by:
Carol Hamel
William and Carol Hamel

In Memory of Denise Martin by:
Vicki Mohr

In Memory of Faith Denise Martin by:
Donald and Lois Nuetzel

In Memory of Charlotte Mazzenga by:
Linda Vinciguerra

In Memory of David C. McCall by:
Dennis de Sousa
David Gould
Sharon Merritt
Catherine Ruck
Jeffrey Tomlinson

In Memory of Doris McDaniel by:
Paula Cavanaugh
Sarah Raphel

In Memory of Robin Denise McGee by:
David & Julia Krabitz

In Memory of Melinda Miller by:
Kathy Keen
Daniel Shinners

In Memory of Bernie Mooney by:
Briana Otte

In Memory of Jean Morrison by:
Carole Bowen

In Memory of Jacqueline Murphy by:
Richard and Deb Burrowes

In Memory of Marion Navarria by:
Donna Bitzelberger
Agnes Wyatt

In Memory of Jeffrey Newman by:
Julian Chernick

In Memory of Brenda Nossell by:
Mary E. Bratkowski
Kathleen Hughes Diefenbach
Kenneth Earl Gingery, Jr
Hill and Stream Garden Club
Annie Jordan
Kathleen Taylor
Gregory Wyckoff
In Memory of Miriam Elaine Outten by:
Jim & Sue Bartkowiak
Maria Gardner
Natalie K. Johnson
Jeff Leasure
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler
Jean Strohecker

In Memory of Wilson Carl Outten, Jr. by:
Jim & Sue Bartkowiak
Maria Gardner
Pauline T. Gardner-Miller
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler
Sharon Smith
Ruth Whitlock

In Memory of Tyler Peterson by:
Priscilla Eissinger
Shauna Richmond
Carolan Smith Stewart

In Memory of Dorothy Purcell by:
Mohan’s Trucking

In Memory of Robert and Dorothy Purcell by:
Deborah McGinley

In Memory of Al Quaranto by:
Elizabeth Bertsche
Deci Laine Call
Jim and Andi Curran
Charles C. Marsheck
Georgene R. Sisk
Chris & Susan Walters

In Memory of Jeanine Roberts by:
Jeff and Iris Hauser
Medical Claims and Friends Associated Administrators Inc.
Donna Mowl
Tuesday Nite Mt. Christian Church Group

In Memory of Adolf Scheurer by:
Michael and Jane Nishball

In Memory of George Sebekos by:
David Leo Saffan

In Memory of Donna L. Sebly by:

In Memory of Rose Kraemer Shane by:
John & Carol A. Kraemer
Angela Nash

In Memory of Jane Shepard by:
John and Holly Ballard
Shawn Kros
Kathryn Williamson

In Memory of Willliam C. Shuck by:
Nancy Coleman
Harry Lederer
Robin & Scott Regner
Ralph E. Rodman
Terry Ziegler

In Memory of Sarah Smith by:
Philip Coale

In Memory of Betty L. Stachowiak by:
Andrea Kaiser
Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate, Operations Division
Cynthia Wilson

In Memory of Izze Stern by:
Meredith O’Kelley

In Memory of Billy Stillwell by:
Linda F. Anello
Jennifer Stevenson

In Memory of Harry Stine by:
Maureen Eisner

In Memory of Dorothy Sullivan by:
David and Nellie Grace

In Memory of Mark Swomley by:
Kay Freedy
Pam Freedy
Thomas and Christine Havel
Charlotte Spealman

In Memory of Annemarie H. Tahedl by:
Walter Hans-Georg Bunde
Peggy Burkhardt
Michael Cushner
Marina Lorenzo
Gary Moulsdale
William Rogers
Sue Shinsky

In Memory of Victoria Thompson by:

In Memory of Linda Tyler by:
Jean Raeke
Jo Young Stout
John and Susan Thomas

In Memory of Ashley N. Uhlhorn by:
Barbara Chelton
Elkridge Volunteer Fire Dept, Inc.
Ellicott City Volunteer Fire Dept
Richard Godfrey
Catherine Hackman
Candi & Neva Holmes-FinGado
Bruce List
Linda & Roy List
Tom Melter and Claire List
Antoinette Mercer
Jason P. Morris
Tiffany Penenburgh
Richard and Doris Shaw
Denise Weist
Lea C. Wetzbarger

In Memory of Carli Vendetti by:
Connie Curry
Norma Starr

In Memory of John Vitak by:

In Memory of Megan Vogt by:
Meghan Anne Bullinger

In Memory of Grace Walker by:
Mary Walker

In Memory of Kim Walker by:
Annemarie Moskala-Jarman

In Memory of William Donald Webb by:
Donna L. Adams

In Memory of Susan Weber-Hockaday by:
Home Paramount Pest Control
Butch Tilley
Patrick S. Vincenti

In Memory of Ronald Wheatley and Brenda Norman-Hall by:
Calvin W. Wheatley

In Memory of Linda Archer Wilding by:
Catherine Ennis
Barbara Pate Glacel
L. Anne Heidenreich
Jack and Laney Sammons
Thomas and Sandra Tapler
Amanda Hopkins Tirrell

In Memory of Michael E. Williams, Jr. by:
Donna D. Williams

In Memory of John Wilson Jr. by:
Susan Awalt
Christopher and Sandra Borowy
Kelly Cook
Karen M. Fisher
Fletcher & Susan Hamilton
Ronald and Karen Lowman
Vonda Wilson
Rachyl Yanuskiewicz and Family

In Memory of Kenneth R. Wilson, Jr. by:
Angela Jones

In Memory of Sherry Ann Zdon by:
Jason Woodford

 2019 – PETS

In Memory of Abby Doyle by:
John and Peggy Castagna

In Memory of AJ by:
Megan M. Farace

In Memory of Apache Gates by:
Jeffrey W. and Cynthia J. Weyant

In Memory of Apes by:
Patty Crankshaw-Quimby

In Memory of Bailey by:
Cecelia Kress

In Memory of Bean by:
Audra Caplan

In Memory of Bear by:

In Memory of Benjamin by:
Katie Rizer

In Memory of Berkeley Foohey by:
Michael and Roz Blum

In Memory of Bilbo by:
Laura Courtney

In Memory of Bob by:
Karin Mary Knowles

In Memory of Boo by:
Lynne French

In Memory of Bosley by:
Kelly Berends

In Memory of Buddy Love aka Kittery by:
Gregory Wollon

In Memory of Buster by:
Susan Beckius

In Memory of Chester by:
Walt Pratt

In Memory of Clarence and Alex by:
“Kenny” Rogers

In Memory of Coco by:
Krista Ellis

In Memory of Coco by:
Lisa Marie Darcey

In Memory of Cookie Pancake by:
Samantha Evans

In Memory of Daisy Heddinger by:
Georgianne Knauer Lelonek

In Memory of Daisy McMillan by:
Nancy McMillan

In Memory of Darwin by:
Holli Goetz
Megan Taylor

In Memory of Dunkan Dieffenderfer by:
Laura Pleines

In Memory of Dudley Deford by:
Brittany Phelps

In Memory of Duke by:
Lauren Paszkiewicz

In Memory of Dusty by:
Tracey Walker

In Memory of Ellie by:
Perry Hall High School

In Memory of George, Angel & Cinder by:
Denise Beam

In Memory of Ginger by:
Kelly Ruby

In Memory of Guinness McLaughlin, rescued dog by:
Betsy McCord

In Memory of Gus by:
Alan Danish

In Memory of Gypsy by:
Louise Hetmanski

In Memory of Hamilton Matteo-Boring by:
Elizabeth Storms

In Memory of Howser by:
Pat J. Cullinan

In Memory of Indy Phipps by:
John and Peggy Castagna

In Memory of Issey by:
Cynthia Brickell

In Memory of Izzie Welk by:
John and Peggy Castagna

In Memory of Izzy by:
Lois Phipps

In Memory of Jackson by:
Walt Pratt

In Memory of Kat Perry by:
John and Peggy Castagna

In Memory of Kitty Cat by:
Thelma Agor

In Memory of Kobe by:
Amanda Calcado

In Memory of Lili by:
John R. Kennedy

In Memory of Louie Roberts Dorman by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of Lucy by:
Erin Frazier

In Memory of Lucy Mocny by:
Donna Mocny

In Memory of Lyric by:
Anthony Ralph Chiaro

In Memory of Macey by:
Lois Phipps

In Memory of Maggie by:

In Memory of Marley by:
Martha Anne Menin

In Memory of Mattie McPherson by:
Kelly Ruby

In Memory of Millie by:
Kim Rupp

In Memory of Mindy, Oscar & Luna by:

In Memory of Molly by:
Matt, Jen, and Madison Eyre

In Memory of Muddy by:
James McKivrigan

In Memory of Ollie by:
Laura Courtney

In Memory of Patches the cat by:
Carolyn Cox

In Memory of Ralphie by:
David and Lisa Smick

In Memory of Rocky Blandeburgo by:
Bob and Christina Blandeburgo

In Memory of Rocky Swieczkowski by:
Frank & Linda Arthur

In Memory of Rooney White by:
Amanda Roberts

In Memory of Rudy by:
Mark & Wendy Warren

In Memory of Rufus Coughlin by:
David and Diane Coughlin
Angela Lane

In Memory of Sasha Mann by:
Brad Mann

In Memory of Scooter by:
Joan Hudgens

In Memory of Scruffy by:
Janet M. Gross

In Memory of Seamus by:
Sara Albidress

In Memory of Sparkle by:
Rachel Watts

In Memory of Tashi Williams by:
Jamie and Andrea Lake

In Memory of Taylor Sapia by:
Paul & Teresa Sapia

In Memory of The Stauffer Family Pet by:
Phillip and Melissa Harmon

In Memory of Tigger by:
Deborah Doctor

In Memory of Tigger by:
Vicki Murray

In Memory of Tubbs by:
Bethney Davidson

In Memory of Zach and Shadow by:
Wendy Friedlander

In Memory of Zoey by:
Neeta Basantkumar