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Celebrating special people and pets who have touched a life. A Memorial Gift is a thoughtful gift with special meaning that honors the life of a pet, friend or relative, and is truly a lasting tribute.

 2022 – PEOPLE

In Memory of Norman F. Adamski, Jr. by:
Rebecca S. Dietrich
The Senkus Family
David and Lisa Smick
Thomas Stoll
Maria Talargio

In Memory of Dorothy Jean Albizo by:
American Planning Association
Elizabeth Dombrowski
Jeannette Hudak
David Kehne

In Memory of Patricia Blake Alzua by:
Howard Blankenship
Lauren and Bill Connor
Annemarie Dickerson
Tracee Fruman
Matthew Hyle
David Carey & Rachael Rice

In Memory of Tyler Anderson by:
Lynda and Tim Talbot

In Memory of Robert Austin by:
Treva Austin

In Memory of Benn Ayd by:

In Memory of Richard Baczynskyj by:
Donna Bayne
Building Owners and Managers Association
Amanda C. Callanan
Dick and Brenda Roman Cook
Margaret A. Evans
Charlie & Annie M. Fraim
Dion and Dianna Guthrie
Milt and Judy Herzing
Polly Wharton Houck
Patricia A. Howe
Janice Kern
Rosalie Parker
William Perich
Sherri Pollock
Lucretia Roberts
Allen Siegel
Jennifer Thornton
Barbara Waddell
Virginia Williams
Susan Willis

In Memory of Elsie Baker by:
Karen Baker

In Memory of Beverly Jean Balanda by:
Aspire Wellness Center

In Memory of Joshua Baran by:
Marsha Moffett

In Memory of David Barton by:
Andris & Samantha Jaunzemis

In Memory of Cheryl Ann Berry by:
Charlotte Spealman

In Memory of Jim Betlejewski by:
David K. Hovel
Earle & Kathy Prior

In Memory of Karen Black by:
Bonnie Adamiak

In Memory of Peg Blackburn by:
Tina Caretti

In Memory of Wilhelmina Lee Blades by:
Calvary Baptist Church
Denise Larson
Charlotte Spealman

In Memory of Carolyn Blevins by:
Frances Stankiewicz

In Memory of Marta Bordelon by:
Linda Bullis

In Memory of Victoria Brewster by:
Patterson Mill Middle/High School

In Memory of Michelle (Mikey) Bronzert by:
Shannon M. Clark

In Memory of Stanley Brown, III by:
Phillip Dees

In Memory of Joseph Campbell by:
Baltimore Co. Lodge #4, FOP

In Memory of Amy Caprio by:
Marty Kuchta
Gail Wolff

In Memory of Anna Carter by:
Katlyn Carter
Kayla Zarriello

In Memory of Charles Catalfamo by:
Brian & Susan Blackstock
Tina Dinan
Kalli Ehrhardt
Christine Ferguson
Hazel G. Heales
Jerry & Claire Ichniowski
Cecil G. King
Christian Larson
Mountain Christian Church

In Memory of Dana Catalfamo by:
Mia Ellis

In Memory of Robert Chester by:
Dorian Borsella

In Memory of Gail E. Chrest by:
Scott & Helen Bottenfield
Crystal Christman
Paulette Heiderman-Wilson
Stuart Henschen
Elizabeth Ann Spencer
Meg & Kirk Spring

In Memory of Rolland Christin by:
Karen S. Hull

In Memory of Brenda Clark by:
LaKisha Edwards

In Memory of Christina V. Class by:
Karen D. Bands

In Memory of Keith Dennis Cleary by:
Brian, Doris & Evan Schaule

In Memory of Jeanne Rapoport Copeland by:
James McKivrigan

In Memory of Terry Lynn Corkran by:
Isabelle Frances Bailey
LouAnn and Ed Hare
Terri Keehan
Brian Davis Lyles
Christi Offutt
Jill A. Parslow
Rebecca Agli Brian Schuch
Gerry Taylor
Linda Wise

In Memory of Zachary Creighton by:
Tom & Lynne French
Beth Griffith
Tim and Lynda Heilman
Kindred Hospital Hollywood Pharmacy Dept
Kristine Wille

In Memory of Anna Katherine Crist by:
Eastern Star Towson Chapter #70
Ernest Crist

In Memory of Roger Dale Cutlip by:
Ashley Nicole Allen

In Memory of Nancy Lynn Davis by:
Donna L. Adams

In Memory of Warren Davis by:
Justin E. Davis

In Memory of Karlea Ann DeVries by:
Dick & Lucky Knapp
Herman C. Schmidt
Sandra A. Siford

In Memory of Christine DiCarlo by:
Kathleen Kelly
Gina Mast

In Memory of James Diggs by:
Cynthia McIntyre

In Memory of Maryanne Domowski by:
Sade and Nic Adekanla-McNish
Mindy Ann Amrhein
Anonymous (2)
James B. Aumiller
Michele Bowers
Patience Domowski
Teresa Filbert
Rhonda Levy
Thomas & Melissa Marciniak, Jr.
Dolores Martino
Judith A. Murdoch
Darlene F. Peregoy
Sharon Raitzyk
Deborah Reineck
Lori Ann Rogers
Donna Arlene Starkey
Helen Torres
Jaclyn Urlahs

In Memory of Wayne Dougherty by:
The Arc NCR
Mary Boehly
Nancy G. Bolen
Deborah L. Dougherty
Lawrence T. Dougherty
Beverly M. Jacques
David F. Jaffe, MD
Marilee F. Moore
Ernest Moretti
Barbara and Gary Pensell
William Z. Reeder
Chantal Richmond

In Memory of Bonnie Coleman Dufour by:
Linda M. Andrews
Debbie Thomas

In Memory of Charles Eagle by:
Thomas and Rhonda Mohan
Joyce Peak

In Memory of Joy Edwards by:
Nancy Szczepankowski

In Memory of Joanna Eller by:
Melissa LeDonne

In Memory of Vada Eller by:
Deborah Hickman
Richard and Kathy Kreis
Teledyne Energy Systems

In Memory of Tim Endlich by:
Bill & Judy Fritz
Cynthia C. Malek
Maura McCarthy
Lyn and Mark Richardson

In Memory of Robert M. Eppley by:
Sam and Joan Bowling
Sara Hale Henry

In Memory of Mary Ferracci by:
Patricia M. Loeffler
Lindsey Prather

In Memory of Stacey Lynn Ficca by:
Suzanne Barnard
Michele Boehnlein
Nicolle Canapp
Stacy DeCarlo
Rose Marie Drury
Charlene Garrish
Cindy Gosnell
Karen Ann Gunzelman
Heated 4 U, LLC
Ginny Jump
Diana Kahl
Rita Killen
Debbie Knapp
Valerie F. Lazzaro
Katie Mathis
Peggy Mendenhall
Christine Morales
Silvana Moreland
Jerri-Lynn Pilarski
Larry Ridgely
Gina Sanphillipo
Robert and Peggy Sawyer
Joan Schochor
Emelie Schwab
Susan M. Stevenson
Laurie Stone
Margaret Thompson
Olivia (on behalf of HHAD) Webster

In Memory of Louanna P. Francies by:
Janet S. Nugent
James T. Parrish
Robert M. Parrish

In Memory of Patrick Freeland by:
Michael and Marge Gleason

In Memory of Joseph Stafford Freeman by:
Pete, Janeene, Justin, Jensen, & Queso Graf
Susan Price

In Memory of Francis X. Gallagher by:
Mary Ann Breeding
Caroline Susan Cole
Warren and Jean Nelson
Samantha Presser
Janet A. Schait
Karen Wesdock

In Memory of Samuel T. Gibson III by:

In Memory of Connie Glassman by:
Terry Niswonger

In Memory of Philaomena Goray and Lind Reibert Goray by:
Lisa Close

In Memory of Robert Gray by:

In Memory of Jack Gregg by:
Glenn and Amy Doering

In Memory of Linda Grimes by:
Linda Grimes

In Memory of Lisa Groom by:
Stephanie Johnson

In Memory of John Oris Hall by:
Terry Niswonger

In Memory of Charles Hamilton by:
Joseph and Carolyn Rouse

In Memory of Albert J. Hannan by:

In Memory of Alice L. Hardy by:
Avery W. Hall Insurance Agency, Inc.
Laura Dean
Jill Long
John Russell

In Memory of Janet Harrison by:
Elden & Amy Quesinberry

In Memory of Debi Neal Hartman by:
Larry and Shirley Smouse

In Memory of Donna Hicks by:
Darlene Miller

In Memory of Pete Monroe Hicks, II by:
Susan Gottschalk
Claudia Holman
Augustine Kang
John Kobus
Evelyn Leland
Dana Mistretta
Herbert Schafer
David and Lisa Smick
Morgan Wait
W.W. Grainger

In Memory of Brenda Hince by:
Judith A. Roush

In Memory of Wanda “Loni” Hostetter by:
Florian Svitak

In Memory of Nancy Idell by:
Phoebe Plunkett
Virginia Wood

In Memory of Amy Jacobsen by:
Nancy I. Defeo
Patricia Grimm

In Memory of Timothy Michael Jennings by:
Sandra Jacob

In Memory of Linda Johnson by:
James P. Charlsen
Denise Dardozzi
Celeste Gibson
Carmen Parks
Christine Rosenberger
Felicia Warner
Weinberg Village Staff

In Memory of Robert Jollife by:
Vincent N. Cammarata
Johns Hopkins Facilities and Real Estate

In Memory of Dave Jones by:

In Memory of Marie Elizabeth Jones by:
Donna Hanna

In Memory of Tina Marie Keen by:
APG Property Management Team Corvias
Gary Soleas
Kimberly Ann Lauer
Elizabeth Logan
Catherine Lynch
Alice Montgomery
Candy and Dan Naumann
Mary Wong
May Wong
Susie Wong

In Memory of Joseph Kennedy by:
Burt Bronk

In Memory of Susan Jean Kline by:
Erik Reichenbach

In Memory of Ronald Knight by:

Jeffrey and Debbie Absher
Jean Buckholtz
Rick and Luann Prothero
Derek, Lisa and Nathan Romitti

In Memory of Deena Knoblauck by:

Irene Heffner

In Memory of Joseph Lally, Jr. by:

Kim Anderson
Nancy Castaldo
James M. Merson
The Nadeau Family

In Memory of Felicia Levine by:

Kristi Sjoholm-Sierchio

In Memory of Angela Liberto by:
Angela Liberto

In Memory of Erin M. Lochary by:

Roberta Macrum

In Memory of Charlotte Lombardi by:

Bailey Ames
Richard Scott Cozby
Tyler Cuomo
Melvin Franz
Natalie Lambert
Gail Marsh
Steven Meek
Linda Miller

In Memory of Charlotte and Tony Lombardi by:

M. Kathleen Greene

In Memory of Lewis Long by:

James and Jane Derwin and Bachner
Mark Douglas Utter

In Memory of Bessie R. Lorber by:
Felicia Arciuolo
Ellie Habyan
Laurie Lindemann
Wendy Smith
Walker & Dunlop Bradley Young

In Memory of Virginia Mancuso by:
Mike and Gail Klaben

In Memory of Andrea Markiewicz by:
William and Carol Hamel
Beth Peirson
Deborah Parrish

In Memory of Margaret M. Mather by:
Jackie Anderson
Rhonda Davis
Carol D. Methven
Victoria Powell
Michele Simmons Smith
Al and Anne Sparks

In Memory of Braylin Matthews by:
Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police

In Memory of Laura Miller by:
Curt and Maristeve Bradley and the Bradley and Nann families
Maureen Hutchinson
Beth Ann Legambi
Mary Yingling

In Memory of Susan Miller by:
Steve and Michele Thorson

In Memory of Wanda Miller by:
Carol Bonds

In Memory of Marilyn Mink by:
Charlotte Spealman

In Memory of Mom & Dad and Nana & Pop Pop by:
William & Margaret Bossemeyer

In Memory of Mom & Henri by:
Marsha Cullum

In Memory of Dolores Murphy by:
Betty Khateeb

In Memory of Valerie Suzanne Novak by:
Harford Bank

In Memory of Lucille Owen by:
Sandra Neiser

In Memory of Carol C. Parks by:
Laura Howell
Robert and Joyce Lindloff
Christina Moeller
Richardson Insurance Group, LLC
Jeanne Sauthoff

In Memory of Patricia Paulus by:
Karen Bussey

In Memory of Elizabeth Peirson by:
Lynne Allen
Barbara Ford
Wendy & Frank Szallay

In Memory of Tyler Peterson by:
Lisa M. Frederick

In Memory of Jean Powers by:
L. Anne Heidenreich

In Memory of Robert Richter by:
Anna Marie Long
Marlene Marx
Becky & Bob Muraro
Winters Run Golf Club

In Memory of Catherine “Kitty” Riley by:
Linda M. Engwall
Sarah Everett
Jane C. Levering
Ronald and Karen Lowman
Wylie H. Mitchell
Sandra Shifler

In Memory of Sharon Rohrs by:
Timothy & Sharon Rohrs

In Memory of Steven Rooker by:
Ross L. Rooker, Sr.

In Memory of Joan Schaal by:

In Memory of Will Schaule by:
Raymond Wilhelm

In Memory of Vincent Schelling by:
Janice Richardson

In Memory of Michael Schmidt by:
Kathy Watson

In Memory of Gloria Sedney by:
Anna Sedney

In Memory of Laura Horst Seltzer by:
Carol Jo Horst

In Memory of Joseph N. Seubert , Jr. by:
Clifford B. Geiger
Kollman & Saucier, P.A.
Mountain Christian Church
Mary Joan Tyner

In Memory of Larry Sheetz by:
Tracie W. Elliott
Mary Ann Kotras
Marlene Frances Parks
Bonnie Stevens

In Memory of Thomas Shumaker, II by:
Karen Bratton

In Memory of Mark A. Silvestri by:

In Memory of Diane Smith by:
Steven Cutsail
Susan Deeney

In Memory of Jeff & Diane Smith by:
Norma Schnepf

In Memory of Michelle Elizabeth Spatz by:
Theresa & Stuart Brown
Jan Finkel
Arlene Talley

In Memory of Stephen Spinoso, Sr. by:
Fran Leppert

In Memory of Scott Spivey by:
Sandy Pitzer

In Memory of Betty Stachowiak by:
Michele Kaiser

In Memory of Dorothy Stackhouse by:
Susan Doyle

In Memory of Barbara Stevens by:
Diane Stafford

In Memory of Bill Streckfus by:
Cindy Clopein
Rita Everd

In Memory of Donna Surman by:
Allyson Santorelli

In Memory of Shy Thomas by:
Marlene Cothern
Nancy Hoch
Pre-Admission Testing Department from MedStar Medical Group-Anesthesia, North
Kirstin Sylvester

In Memory of Ellie Thompson by:
Blaine and Laura Kurrle

In Memory of John A. Tobias, Jr. by:
Silvana Moreland

In Memory of Deborah Tracy by:
Jill Knauff

In Memory of Jane Anne Treadwell by:
Kathleen Reedy

In Memory of Ashley Uhlhorn by:
Candi & Neva Holmes – FinGado

In Memory of Robert “Bob” Walker and Bertie by:
James Robert Jackson

In Memory of Lou Washenfeldt by:
Ruth Kemp

In Memory of Franklin Wells by:
Stephen and Susan Riegger

In Memory of Betty White by:
Jennifer Adair
Anonymous (35)
Tammie Antonelli
Jon Baker
Donna Baldwin
Daneen Bancewicz
Kristy Barker
Sheila Bateman
Susan P. Baumgart
Cheryl A. Bayne
Jeffery Beck
Matt and Jill Benicewicz
Joan Bennett
Sarah J. Berg
Bonnie R. Bessor
Sharon Biffoni
Amanda Blados
William & Margaret Bossemeyer
Monica Brant
William Brieger
Jennifer Briley
Stuart Brittingham
Margaret E. Brunson
Becky K. Bryant
Michael E. Brzozowski
Allison Buettner
Linda Bullis
Holly Burkhart
Celeste Butler
Sandra Caldwell
James Cameron
Courtney Carletti
Patricia Carper
Ingrid T. Chapman
Alli Paige Chenworth
Shari Clifton
Maureen Cohen
Elizabeth Cole
Tiffany Comer
Alexa Conway
Marlene Cothern
Elizabeth A. Crothers
Diana L. Dalto
Darlington Dublin VFW Auxiliary Post 10146
Keeley Dean
Debra M. Deardorff
Jennifer Dehaven
Steven S. Dellamonica
Brian Dempsey
Melanie Denzer
Diana & Kara Devereaux
Phyllis Devlin
Rebecca S. Dietrich
Sharon Doehring
Amy Doherty
Melina Parris Donna
George Dowell
Siobhan Downey
Ellis Duley
Raquel Dureza-Muneses
Karen A. Dworek
Mena Dyches
Karen Elkins
Donna Enright
Karen & Jen Erdman
Melanie Feathers
Catherine Fenton
Christopher Frank
Victoria Frick
Melissa Gaidelis
Travis Lee Galliher
Susan C. Gephardt
Margaret Gier
Stacey Goldsborough
Scott and Karen Goodison
Rebecca Goulden
Jennifer Green
Kim Grimsley
Ashley Grubb
Patrick J. Haggerty
Melinda R. Hamilton
Dennis & Jennifer Hanrahan
Michele L. Hebditch
Kim Heck
Kimberly and Jeffrey Hershfeld
Hunter Hibbard
Anne Himmelheber
Catherine Holden
Jennifer Hooper
Angela Hoover
Dannette Hudson
Jim and Bonnie Hunter
Kathy Jackson
Johns Hopkins University
Stephenie Anne Jonas-Sullivan
Cynthia Jones
Michelle A. Keller
Darlene Kennedy
Joyce Kennedy
Patricia Kilker
Arlene Klapproth
Jerry D. Komenda
Barry Kramer
Amanda Lacy
Jessica Larichiuta
June Lawson
Megan Lowe
Stephanie S. Lyon
Anne Maggio
Mark Mahan, Jr.
Clare Maher
Lisa Mahoney
Doug & Judi Mains
Joan O. Manns
Debbie McClintic
Beth McGraw-Wagner
Sara McJilton
Pamela McKeldin
Roxanne McLaughlin
Bernadette McVey
Susan Jane Meybohm
Domenic Miceli
Barb Miller and Constance Briegen
Wendy Miller
Lynn Moeller
Amber Mullen
Kathryn Mumford
Barbara Murray
Patrick O’Hara
Joan Opitz
Erica Paff
Alice Paradise
Nina Parker
Angela Pawlicki
Cindy Peacher
Teresa Ann Perdue
Bernadette Phelps
Erin Phillips
Laura Margaret Plantholt
Meredith Plewes
Daniel & Lindsey Pope
Rebecca Lee Presberry
Terri Preston
Samantha Primrose
Melissa Proctor
Alicia Rabak
Meri Rambo
Duane, Juliette & Gabrielle Redding
Tiffany Reiner
Joanne Rex
Amanda Roberts
Amy Roberts
Cathey Robertson
Jay E. Robinson
Kathy Robinson
Kelley Lynne Robinson
Cynthia V. Rock
Denise Rocks
Sherry L. Roffeld
Melinda M. Rossbach
Russell & Cortney Rudez
Ellon Scherer Ruschell
Laura Seifert
Jessica Shank
Amy Shanrowsky
Katherine Ann Sherinsky
Peg Sherman
Kelly M. Smith
Teresa L. Smith
Jody Sperry
Kimberly St. Omer
Christine Stafford
Dorothy Steinacker
Donna Stevenson
Sue Borowski Storch
Susan Stover
Patricia Sullivan
Tanya W. Svoboda
Lynda and Tim Talbot
Jolynn Teramani
Wayne P. Thompson, Jr.
Sharon R. Tobak
Mary R. Trainis
Nancy Trout
Leslie D. Turner
Sue Unger
Linda Van Deusen
Abby Velazquez
Lisa A. Von Hagel
Mary Warder
Anne M. Welsh
Jennifer Welsh
Sue West
Cathleen White
Craig and Caitlin White
Joseph & Jennifer White
Mary R. Will
Margaret Winkler
Anne Wismer
Dawn Wisniewski
Lisa Wittik
Veronica Woodring
Jacki Woods
Karen Woolsey
Ettienne Zantop
Nick Zoltan

In Memory of Dr. Ed Whiteford by:

In Memory of Michael Williams by:
Donna D. Williams

In Memory of Emily McGraw Wilt by:
Stephanie Anne Battista
Carol and Tim Conley Evans

In Memory of Alice Winslow by:
Ernest Crist

In Memory of Lisa Wittik by:
Lisa Wittik

In Memory of Gary Wolff by:
Bob and Diane Wolff

In Memory of Jay Young by:
Julie Long

In Memory of Dr. Don Zantop by:
Suzanne M. Zantop

In Memory of June Zinkand by:
Jacqueline & Sylvia Davis

 2022 – PETS

In Memory of Addie Moran by:
Dana & Grayce Moran

In Memory of Apollo by:
Ellen Elizabeth Schlosser

In Memory of Archer by:
Debra Tannenbaum

In Memory of Augie Rice-Carey by:
Lauren Burch
Ellen Dael
Rice Consulting, LLC

In Memory of Baby-Fatdog. Rainbow-Rubbernose. Gizmo-Bob by:
Deborah Klotz

In Memory of Bailey by:
Elizabeth A. Crothers

In Memory of Bailey Gischel by:
Robin Gischel

In Memory of Balla by:
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler

In Memory of Bauer by:
Jodi Frey

In Memory of Beandog/Beans by:
Cathy & Mary Aiello

In Memory of Beau-Bear by:
Susan Summers

In Memory of Bess by:
Cathleen Bartholomew

In Memory of Bob by:
Louise Hetmanski

In Memory of Bodie Koluch by:
Gloria K. Koluch

In Memory of Bosley by:
Kelly Berends

In Memory of Bruno by:

In Memory of Buddy by:
Barbara J. Dickson

In Memory of Buster the bunny by:
Marcie Lenaghan

In Memory of Callaghan by:
Todd Matthews

In Memory of Callie by:
Adrienne Kourtesis

In Memory of Candy Loftus by:
Janet Loftus

In Memory of Captain and Jinx by:
Morgan P. Cavanaugh

In Memory of Casper by:
Douglas Moore

In Memory of Celia by:
Joseph and Jane Senflug

In Memory of Chelsea by:
Patricia Sullivan

In Memory of Chelsea Emma by:
Jacqueline Goss Leach

In Memory of Chewy Milne by:
Meredith O’Kelley

In Memory of Chloe by:
Jeanne Bayer

In Memory of Chloe Morrison by:
Virginia Wood

In Memory of Chole by:
John and Linda Essers

In Memory of Chuck by:
Sue Unger

In Memory of Clarabell by:
Lisa M. Davila

In Memory of Cleopatra by:
Victoria Kost-Swinson

In Memory of Coco Mae by:
Nancy Sheubrooks

In Memory of Comet by:

In Memory of Cookie Dough by:
Tara Wink

In Memory of Cooper by:
Colleen Wehr

In Memory of Cooper Dunworth by:
Missy Dunworth

In Memory of Cooper Hammond by:
Brenden & Maria Hodge

In Memory of Daisy by:
Karen Thames

In Memory of Darwin Baker by:
Lauren Baker

In Memory of Delilah by:
Cindy D. Cole

In Memory of Dixie by:
Robert N. Flens

In Memory of DJ Wood, a cat by:
Phoebe Plunkett

In Memory of Draco by:
Catherine Gianelloni

In Memory of Dudley by:
Carol A. Walters

In Memory of Dutch by:
Janis McGuire

In Memory of Earl Grey by:
Kelly Ruby

In Memory of Emi by:
D. Jeanne Fantom

In Memory of Emma. Chelsea by:
Jacqueline Goss Leach

In Memory of Farley Evans by:

In Memory of Frodo by:
David & Laura Cellini

In Memory of Fuzzy Max Kitty by:
Heidi Alexander

In Memory of G by:
Glenn & Angelique Hooper

In Memory of
Gauge Patek by:

LeAnne Barnhart
Janice Caro

In Memory of George, Angel and Cinder by:
Denise Beam

In Memory of George, Chance, Shadow, Stripes, Patches, Dusty and Samson by:
Sandra Luckert

In Memory of Gia by:
Kate E. Hogan

In Memory of Gigi by:
Veronica Medina

In Memory of Gunney by:
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler

In Memory of Gussie by:
Elizabeth and Ryan Nielsen

In Memory of Hallie by:
Phyllis Andrews

In Memory of Hokie by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of HSHC kitties Mama, Chubbs, Indy, and Cuddles by:
Sandra Caldwell

In Memory of Jake by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of Jake, Zira, Russel, Scotched, Poo, Brandy, Poocharhoundo Duffy Dillon by:
David Ross Dixon

In Memory of Jessica Babydoll by:
Kathleen Bellin
Laurie Teague

In Memory of Jillie Turgeon-Hayes by:

In Memory of Kimbo Cooper by:
Barbara Cooper

In Memory of Kira Cohen by:
Al and Anne Sparks

In Memory of Kitti by:
Joyce Lynn Cobb

In Memory of Lady by:
Marsha K. Samuels

In Memory of Lilly by:
Laura Yingling

In Memory of Lola Brown by:
Tami, Dave, and Ginger Harman

In Memory of Lulu Lemons Naked Yoga Pants by:

In Memory of Macey by:
Karen Mergerian

In Memory of Maggie by:
William Rupert

In Memory of Maggie & Max by:
Carol Rosenberg

In Memory of Marley by:
Angela Huth

In Memory of Marley by:
Lisa Polesne

In Memory of Marmalade by:
Lawrence Aiello

In Memory of Memphis by:
Michelle Birth

In Memory of Mickey by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of Milo by:
Oasis Dental

In Memory of Mischa and Pablo by:
Sandra E. Herbert

In Memory of Missy by:
Bethney Davidson

In Memory of Moo by:
Sharon Meissner

In Memory of Mr. Twix by:
Tom & Lynne French

In Memory of Mr. Whiskers by:
David and Lisa Smick

In Memory of Muddy by:
James McKivrigan

In Memory of Muffin Greenwald-Wilcox by:
Erin Wilcox

In Memory of Murphy Long by:
John & Erin Murphy Long
Jennifer Roeding

In Memory of Nala Colbert by:
Angela Colbert

In Memory of Norm by:
Brent Davis

In Memory of Norman by:
Sharon Lessig

In Memory of Nugget by:
Tracy Meissner

In Memory of Oshii by:
Debra Tannenbaum

In Memory of Peppy by:
Philip Guillet

In Memory of Pepé Whalon by:
Michael Turner

In Memory of Potter by:
Nancy Clayton

In Memory of Puck by:
Lauren N. Beward

In Memory of Rae Ann Sugar Rae by:
John Antal, Jr.
Theresia Logan

In Memory of Rascal by:
Kerry Biondo

In Memory of Reggie Ayres by:
Mia Ellis

In Memory of Roxy by:
Gail Robertson

In Memory of Rusty by:
Mark & Donna Decker
Tom & Lynne French

In Memory of Ryder and DJ by:
Virginia Wood

In Memory of Sadie by:
Shelley McEvoy

In Memory of Sadie by:
Karen McDermott

In Memory of Sarina Bullis by:
Linda Bullis

In Memory of Sascha by:
Margaret H. Gallagher

In Memory of Scout by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of Sheba, Denise’s beloved dog by:
Michele Martin

In Memory of Simba by:
Glenn & Angelique Hooper

In Memory of Snickers Gischel by:
Taylor Gischel

In Memory of Snickers Smith by:
Edward Smith

In Memory of Sophie by:
Kelly Vermace

In Memory of Stache by:
Mary Wallace

In Memory of Steele Bosley by:
Kelly Ruby

In Memory of Steve Nix, Trudy and Javi: 3 beautiful, loving bearded dragons by:
Patricia Mucha

In Memory of Stoney and Duke by:
Pat Cullum

In Memory of Sweet Pea by:
Joan Harris

In Memory of Sydney by:
Virginia Wood

In Memory of Tai, Dr. Sinclair’s beloved miracle cat by:
Caroline A. Griffin

In Memory of Toby and Abagail by:
Bernadette Jones

In Memory of Tootsie MacKinnon by:
Elevance Health

In Memory of Trudy Mucha by:
Patricia Mucha

In Memory of Tyra Michelle by:
Candice Badders

In Memory of Vegas by:
John and Peggy Castagna

In Memory of Vicky by:

In Memory of Waskiewicz Family Pup by:
Dwight Bowman

In Memory of Wesley by:
George Gillis

In Memory of Winston by:
Sean & Jennifer Webster

In Memory of Ziska by:
Bethney Davidson

In Memory of Zoey by:
Bethney Davidson

In Memory of Zoey by:
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler