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Celebrating special people and pets who have touched a life. A Memorial Gift is a thoughtful gift with special meaning that honors the life of a pet, friend or relative, and is truly a lasting tribute.

 2020 – PEOPLE

In Memory of Patricia Adkins by:
Cindy DeBaufre
Ray and Cindy DiLiello
Betty Fannin
David Frace
Elizabeth Goodwin
Steven Henning
Michael and Sandra Murray
Gary Nesbitt
The Read Between the Wines Bookclub
William and Jean Ulrich

In Memory of Rae Ann Antal by:
John Antal, Jr.
Theresia Logan

In Memory of Robert G. Austin by:
Treva Austin

In Memory of Bruce Bair by:
Rebecca Jane Atwell
Lauren Robinson
Steven Soricone

In Memory of Barbara Barrett by:
Marsha Gerdom
Bernard and Virginia Leidig
Kate & Steve Polek
Christian, Theresa & Keeghan Sachs
Renee Smith

In Memory of Nancy Brand Barringer by:
Jackie and Sam Remige

In Memory of Richard Barringer by:
Gerald Colston

In Memory of James Barton by:
Dennis Allgeier
Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc.
Marla Stanton

In Memory of Patricia Benfield by:
Benfield Electric Company, Inc.
Tara Blandford
CN Robinson Lighting Supply
Debbie Freeland
Darlene and Joe Dellamonica
Vicki Gardner
Krista Hickman & Ben O’Malley
Pete Hudak
Jeffrey M. Kotz
Law Office of Coon and Cole, LLC
Sharon Lessig
Miles Electric Co., Inc.
Wanda Murphy
David Myrick
Doris C. Over
Cecilia Pindell
Rexel USA
Shepherd Electric Supply
Town Security, Inc.
Tom and Andrea Simons Sarah White
Barry L. Zimmerman

In Memory of Ann Bish by:
Mary Doyle
Deborah McIntyre
Barbara Moormann
Betty Nolte
Gloria and George Westerman

In Memory of Kelsey Bonomo by:
Jerry & Claire Ichniowski

In Memory of Roland Bristow by:
Charles Golladay
Patricia LaRay Pritchett
Carolyn Rouse
Stephen and Nancy Sewell

In Memory of Helen Britt by:

In Memory of Virginia Brooke by:
Brian & Kristan Frist

In Memory of Wendy Browning by:
Nereus Gunther
Denise Harris

In Memory of Richard Burns by:
Janice & Joe Cerrato
Celeste Chanski

In Memory of Amy Caprio by:
Ed and Fern Hamel Family Foundation, Inc.
Marty Kuchta
Kevin Smith

In Memory of Beth Carroll by:
Marienne Cole
Judy Dobbs & Robert Condlin
Evergreen Garden Club of Harford County
Kathleen Foley
Martha Gay
Barbara Pate Glacel
David Hanson
Havre de Grace Decoy Museum
Gloria Jent
Cheryl A. Manns
Elizabeth Pearce
Van Reiner

In Memory of Dana Catalfamo by:
Kathleen Catalfamo

In Memory of Alice Chapman by:
Connie J. Kowalski
Sharon Merritt

In Memory of Elmer (Andy) Conley by:
Melvin Joseph Wehrman

In Memory of Gregory Conner by:
Morgan Conner

In Memory of Barbara Connery by:
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MD
Edna Louise Bradford

In Memory of Sandra Kay Conway by:
Bayshore Ford Truck Sales, Inc.
The Benner Family
William and Katherine Williams

In Memory of Marie Cundiff by:
Bel Air Volunteer Fire Co.
Natalie Boyd
Patricia Ethridge
Drs. Hutchinson, Lara and Ms. Stukes

In Memory of Janet Ann Cupstid by:
Pamela Jane Bradfield
Tiffany Nosker

In Memory of Shirley Day by:
Joy Koester
Stephen F. Koester

In Memory of Mark Degen by:
Michael Abraham
George and Karen Benson
Joann Blewett
Carol and Charles Brown
Mary Louise Daneri
Claudia Holman
Jim & Laura Isenstein
Bonnie J. Ledford
Beth McGraw-Wagner
David & Adrienne Mielke
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler
Janice Olynyk
Deborah Stevens
Arden Stoermer
Karen Tsouvalos
Louis Yates
Stephanie Yatsevitch

In Memory of Tony DeLuca by:
Ken Lawrence
Louise Myers

In Memory of Amy Devlin by:
Roland Bark
Don & Debra Clemens

In Memory of Andrew Dietrich by:
Barbara Houck
Larry Kauffman
Denny Kephart
Judith Temperley

In Memory of Marjorie Dougherty by:
Hugh Dougherty
Richard and Elizabeth Moore

In Memory of Gerald J. Drega by:
Bill’s Toys
Curtis Caudle and Family
Kimberly Culbertson
Lois, Valerie, Karen and Phipps Family
Leah Thompson

In Memory of Reida Edwards by:
Ron & Veronica Yeagle

In Memory of Ryan Falter by:
Gail Blauvelt
Robert Blue
Concetta Fulco
Frank Gunther
Harford Bank
Trina Jane Isabegovic
Keystone Insurers Group
Sandie Klein
Steve and Tracy Lloyd
Cindy Lovell
M & M Poolside Lounge
Mark H. Mavris
Robin Peters
Karen Quarantillo
Blaise C Sedney
Karen & Michael Tracy
AJ Troncelliti
WHBG, Inc. Certified Public Accountants

In Memory of Karen Sue Fisher by:
Tina M. Lolley
Telegent Engineering Inc.

In Memory of Dorothy Freeman by:
Nancy Donovan Reed

In Memory of Dorothy Freitag by:
Roberta C. Horgan
Heather Przywara
Edward & Quynh Simon

In Memory of Samuel Gibson by:
John Dougherty and Susan Coppock
Daisy Fischer
Stanley Thomas Gibson
Lesley Karen Kramer
Justin Wineke

In Memory of Judy Glennon by:
Edwardine Baroch
Howard and JoAnn Dail, Jr.
Saundra K. Fitzell
Wayne and Lou Ann Harmom
Donna J. Kutchey
Sandra L. Long
Pauline Miller
Susan E. Nelson
Betty A. Reid
T. M. Sorrentino
Louise Wiley

In Memory of Odell Gordon by:
Barbara Gordon-Dozier

In Memory of Donald Goss by:
Deborah Bishop

In Memory of David Edward Griffin, Sr. by:
Fran Leppert

In Memory of Joan Guanti by:
Roxanne Yaroshevich

In Memory of Phyllis Hamrick by:
Patricia Freeman
James McKivrigan

In Memory of Rebekkah Handshu by:
Maureen Mills

In Memory of Patsy Harrell by:
Sandra L. Brooks

In Memory of Denny Harrison by:
Dawn Wilson

In Memory of Don Hodge by:
Tara Bouley
Shereen Tipps
Lindalee Wald
Bernadette Marie Webster

In Memory of Dolores Huff by:
Frank and Mildred Harrison

In Memory of Thelma Hunter by:
Judith Schmoll

In Memory of Michael Johns by:
Mary Raab

In Memory of Sara Jane Jordan by:
Marilyn Craig

In Memory of Ken Kapple by:
Karen Ciampaglio
Susan Norman

In Memory of Helen Keenan by:
Suzanne Allan

In Memory of JoAnn Kendzejeski by:
Terri Lynn Hennel

In Memory of Barbara Kennedy by:
Cristin Boyer
Brett and Hannah Gayhardt
Brent Norrod
Old Post Road Special Ed Team
Suzanne Singleton

In Memory of Diana Keys by:
Dana Heatwole
The Waybright Family

In Memory of Vaughn Kidd by:
Valery Derflinger
Karen Kidd
Barbara Lagas
Angelo Maranto
Judith Matricciani
Vernon Miller
Donna Riordan
The Palich Family

In Memory of Camille Kiedrowski by:
Kenneth Kiedrowski

In Memory of Barbara Lannen by:
Laura Flowers

In Memory of Joseph Latour by:
Steve and Michele Thorson

In Memory of Erin Lochary by:
Mary Berndt
Patricia Buckley
Charlotte Ernst
Rich and Pat Fuller
Karen Kansler
John and Katherine Lochary
Roberta Macrum
Theresa Manke
Paul and Diana Myers
Tina & Derron Pinckney
Mary Ribar
Julie Roorda
Vittorio and Jean Santoro
Theresa Skepton
Janice Sullivan

In Memory of Patrick Loynds by:
Corey and Justine Ahearn
Jake Bevich
Michelle Beyers
Natalie, Michael, Abby & Sama Cullison
Susan Kutcher
The Laubach Family: Carly, Lisa and Blair
The Ledford Family
Elizabeth Liberatore
Leonard & Linda Lipson
Buck & Barbara Moore
John M Obrien
Abigail O’Connell
Mary Lou O’Connell
Calla Pritulsky
David Puglia
Rebecca Richardson
Liz Touey Satterthwaite
Elizabeth Solak
Gerald and Therese Svat

In Memory of Tami Lucie by:
Angela Jones

In Memory of Patricia Ann Mangold by:
Clinton A. Tayson

In Memory of Danielle Marecki by:
Jim and Mary Cary
Jennifer Comotto
Harford Financial Group
Gina Harris
Patricia A. Schafran

In Memory of Andrea Markiewicz by:
William and Carol Hamel

In Memory of Mary Marucci by:
Gregory, Kimberly & Brent Hooper

In Memory of Phyllis McCracken by:
Shirley Ernst
Sharon, Jason, Norm, & Barb Goodman
Doyle McCracken
Juanita Tausendschoen

In Memory of Emily McDowell by:
Mom & Dad Boyce
JH & DJ Davids
Bill & Anita Wendy Hudson
Sarah Elizabeth Johnson
Sammi Moore
Laura Wright

In Memory of Jessica Meyers Bolick by:
Marney Kirk
Ann Stobbs

In Memory of Betty Ann Miller by:
Karen LaCroix Tracy

In Memory of Ellsworth Miller by:
Edward & Quynh Simon

In Memory of Frances Miller by:
Gail Blauvelt
Susan Brown

In Memory of Doris Moeser by:
Gladys Bull
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roettger

In Memory of Jacqueline A. Morrissey by:
John Morrissey

In Memory of Leetham Sasse Moses by:
Gail Angel
Erika Loder

In Memory of Bettyann Myers by:

In Memory of Wilson Outten, Jr. by:
Environmental Health Division – Harford County Health Department
Larry and Karen Smith

In Memory of Tyler Peterson by:
Patrick & Jean Cullinan
Margaret Daniel
Ellen Farkas
Jacqueline Heckman
Kenneth and Joyce Hill
Elizabeth Jesada
Shauna Richmond

In Memory of Joseph G. Petrush by:
AG Minderlein
Brian & Lorrie and Family Ruth
Margaret L. Sullivan
Steve & Sally Wagner

In Memory of Joyce Anne Phillips by:
Mary Theresa Moor
Jeffrey Selznick
Cathlene A. Terwilliger

In Memory of Samuel Phillips by:
Dana Bosk
Catherine Gelwicks
Mary Haughey
Pat Potter
George Reedy
Paul Sikoris

In Memory of Evelyn Porter by:
Kathy & Nancy Stewart

In Memory of Sharon Quigley by:
Linda Fritch
Deborah Faith Hall
Donald Wunder

In Memory of Christopher Reddy by:
Joann K. Bellington
Shirley Crockett
Donna Forster
Jessica Ryley Hammond
Stephen and Patti Kazlo
Michelle L. Nealis
Lindsey Osborn

In Memory of Patricia Rizo by:
Al Brazil

In Memory of Kathy Robitaille by:
Kristy Meads
Janet Pegg
Brad, Bev, and Barb Stayton

In Memory of Stephen John Rooker by:
Ross L. Rooker, Sr.

In Memory of Courtney Ruese by:
Doloris Pinckney
Tina & Derron Pinckney
Jim and Michelle Williams

In Memory of Anne Santos by:
Tracy Keenan-LaRocco

In Memory of Marla Schumacher by:
Donna Carol Birkmire
Fuller & Associates Insurance
Susan A. Gallagher
Agnes Heeter
Donna Kilpatrick
Ted and Carol Lingelbach
Robert and Sharon Lower
Maureen Matejka Yantz

In Memory of George Sebekos by:
Fayetteville State University/English Dept.

In Memory of Donna L. Sebly by:
James Macgill, Jr.

In Memory of Rosalie M. Shane by:
Delaware Anglers & Gunners Club, Inc.

In Memory of William Shane, Sr. by:
Sharon Gower

In Memory of Jordan Sheanin by:
Barbara Gordon-Dozier

In Memory of Paul Sheldon by:
Angela Sheldon

In Memory of Helen Shultz by:
MB HomeCare

In Memory of Douglas Single by:
Bass Machining Co., Inc.
James E. Bratt
Michael E. Brzozowski
Bonnie & Nick Kent
Charles Marks
Jon Romeo
Ross Machine Company
Joseph & Andrea Rose Stumbroski

In Memory of Joseph C. Smith Jr. by:
Baltimore Co. Lodge #4, FOP

In Memory of Pauline Snyder by:
Richard and Jean Scott

In Memory of Mary Angela Soper by:
Tim & Cathy Markland

In Memory of John Spielberger, Jr. by:
Amita Family Medicine Faculty
William and Paige Cox
Jack Gumbert, II
Leslie Gumbert
Frank Kellner
Maryland Golf and Country Club
Charles Michelson
NCIGF (National Conference of Guaranty Funds)
Property & Casualty Ins Guaranty
Saxon’s Diamond Centers
St. Mary & Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency Program
Mary Jane Woertz

In Memory of John Spielberger, Sr. by:
Gary R. Samartino

In Memory of Darlene Squatrito by:
Stephanie R. Hack

In Memory of Felicia Stauch by:
Charles Slusher

In Memory of Mark Swomley by:
Jim and Diane Irvin

In Memory of Barry Lee Taylor by:
Robert & Beatrice Allen
Steve & Kathy Benzinger
Brian Kenney
Melinda Remlein
David Schroeder
Shannon Wadkins

In Memory of Wiley Taylor, Sr. by:
Richard and Jean Scott

In Memory of Bruce Teeter by:
Shelda M. Soltysiak

In Memory of Lois Thompson by:
Patty Gentry

In Memory of Ship Thompson by:
Elaine Wetherell

In Memory of Cecelia Toms by:
Andrew Boud
Bernadette Carter

In Memory of Jack Trout by:
David P. Crowl
Linda L. Duncan
David McDowell
Thomas and Rhonda Mohan
John and Karen Richardson
Debbie Smithson
Erica Suess
Rebecca Tarbert
Leslie and Charles Tini
Nancy Trout
Jennifer Urand

In Memory of Kevin Michael Turk by:
Joanne Bange
Paul and Barbara Broome
Cathe Corbusier
Frances Dailey
Sharon Davis
Diane Douglass
First Home Mortgage
Judy French
Kendall M. Henderson
David Kaufman
Mark J. Maloney
Sandra Phillips
Doris Randall
Barbara Rauschenberg
Angela Reese
Kathleen Schwartzman
Margene Versace

In Memory of Ashley Uhlhorn by:
Candi & Neva Holmes-FinGado

In Memory of Glenn Valenta by:
Glenn & Barbara Valenta

In Memory of Nellie Vaught by:
Hazel Dawn Duggan
Diane M. Mansfield

In Memory of Sharon Venzke by:
Mike and Lisa Cuddy
JoAnne I. Hopkins
Phyllis D. Ruby

In Memory of Joyce Elaine Ward by:
Donna McClellan
Linda Charlene Moore

In Memory of Sheila Lynn Ward by:
William and Mary Blair
Katharina Davis
Richard and Frankie Forte
Beth Robinson
Renee Robinson

In Memory of Juergen T. Wergin by:
The Evans Family

In Memory of Rose Marie Werner by:
Gerry & Susan Mannel

In Memory of Col (Ret) Dr. Edwin W. Whiteford, Jr. by:
175th Medical Group, Maryland Air National Guard
Baltimore County Medical Association
Gloria M. Haas
Donna Hanna
Mark Harris
William and Elizabeth Haynes
Donna Jones
E. Dianne Jones
The Teachers & Staff at William S. James Elementary

In Memory of Carolyn Wiedeman by:
Lisa Christine Cox
Mildred Hopkins

In Memory of Jean Wilcox by:
Elizabeth Burger

In Memory of Greta Will by:
April Kahl

In Memory of Michael Williams by:
Donna D. Williams

In Memory of Alex Wirsching by:
Angela B. Wirsching

In Memory of Russell Yocum by:
Judy A. Yocum

In Memory of Joan Young by:
MK Depew

In Memory of Lois Ann Zehfuss by:
Kim O’Conor
Betty Anne Poole

 2020 – PETS

In Memory of Angus & Cagney by:
Richard H. Garrity, Jr.

In Memory of Ash by:
Angelique Hooper

In Memory of Bailey by:
Elizabeth A. Crothers

In Memory of Bailey by:
Tom & Lynne French

In Memory of Bailey by:
Tyson Gischel

In Memory of Barney Kelly by:
Holly Simms

In Memory of Bella by:
Jess and Alex Litz/Hutton

In Memory of Bob by:
Karin Mary Knowles

In Memory of Briggs by:

In Memory of Brody Miller by:
Matthew Dietzel

In Memory of Butchie by:
Jim and Bonnie Hunter

In Memory of Butler and Moufasa by:
Stella Eberhardt

In Memory of Callie (Roehmer Hartman) by:
Susan Gentry Roehmer

In Memory of Casey, Nikki, Smokey, Bailey by:
Deborah Butler-Sanford

In Memory of Charlie by:
Margaret H. Gallagher

In Memory of Charlie & Lucy by:
Erin Frazier

In Memory of Chloe by:
David S. Blum

In Memory of Clarence and Alex by:
“Kenny” Rogers

In Memory of Cocoa Caplan by:
Michael D. Howard

In Memory of Comet, Ophelia, & Moonbeam by:
David and Lisa Smick

In Memory of Cooper Eliason by:
Paula Mitzel

In Memory of Cooper Edwards by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of Cooper Rupert by:
William Rupert

In Memory of Darcy VonParis by:
Sarah Anderson

In Memory of Dixie by:
Janice U. Showacre

In Memory of Dixie by:
Lauren Ebbert

In Memory of Dock, a retired K9 with the Maryland Natural Resources Police by:
Fraternal Order of Police Town Hill Lodge 77

In Memory of Dottie by:
Jordan Watts, Jr.

In Memory of Draco by:
Catherine Gianelloni

In Memory of Dusty by:
W. Roberta Rambol

In Memory of Dutch by:
Maureen Cohen

In Memory of Buddy & Oreo by:
Edward Smith

In Memory of Elsa by:
Martha Bickel

In Memory of Daisy Faulkner by:
Lena Shelton

In Memory of George, Angel and Cinder by:
Denise Beam

In Memory of Godiva by:
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler

In Memory of Greta by:
The Fogarty Family

In Memory of Gus by:
Alan Danish

In Memory of Holly by:
Samuel Polakoff

In Memory of Jackson by:
Kate Kelleher

In Memory of Jessica Baby Doll by:
Kathleen Bellin

In Memory of Johnny Cake Friedlander by:
Marc Friedlander

In Memory of Jonesy by:
Linda McKean Tillinghast

In Memory of Kipper Good by:
Dear Pet Loving Friends

In Memory of Kita, Preson’s Stationery store pet by:
Irene Heffner

In Memory of Kitty Sunshine by:
Ross and Linda Smith

In Memory of Lady by:
David and Carol Carson

In Memory of Lexie by:
Jim and Bonnie Hunter

In Memory of Lu Haggerty by:
Rachael Franks

In Memory of Lucy Ann Andrews by:
Elise Majewski

In Memory of Lucy Moore by:
Gillian, Drew, Cayleigh & Bella Glorioso
Steve & Jessica Moore

In Memory of Lucy Mattingly by:
Bonnie Mattingly

In Memory of Maddie by:
J. Carol Dann

In Memory of Maddie Spears by:
Patrick & Jean Cullinan
Bob & Darlene Magri

In Memory of
Madison Antkowiak by:

Donna Antkowiak

In Memory of Maggie by:
Nancy McMillan

In Memory of Maggie by:
The Gessner Gang

In Memory of Mako Rosier by:
Sharon Davis

In Memory of Mandark by:
Virginia Wood

In Memory of Max Haley by:
The Fogarty Family

In Memory of Max Norton by:
Gina Norton

In Memory of Max Welsh by:
John and Maria Welsh

In Memory of Max Dedrich Loeser by:
Erika Dedrich Loeser

In Memory of Maxwell by:
Sharon Meissner

In Memory of Maybe by:
Joel Baker

In Memory of McKally by:
David and Lisa Smick

In Memory of Moxie Sand by:
Lori A. Sand

In Memory of Muddy by:
James McKivrigan

In Memory of Mugsy Hooper by:
Amanda Roberts

In Memory of Mustang by:
Frances M. Glidden

In Memory of Mya by:
Kelly Ruby

In Memory of Neil by:
Robyn Reinsmith

In Memory of Nitro/Stephanie Dress by:
The Orange Team/MedStar Visiting Nurses Association

In Memory of Norman by:
Sharon Lessig

In Memory of Oddie Bean by:
Aparna Nagaraju

In Memory of Oliver by:
Gloria Nelson

In Memory of Oliver by:
Sharon Meissner

In Memory of Oliver Day by:
Gary Moulsdale

In Memory of Oscar by:
Jim and Bonnie Hunter

In Memory of Pasha by:
Marsha Cullum

In Memory of Peedee by:
Carole Heil

In Memory of Peggy by:
John & Erin Long

In Memory of Pepper by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of Pepper & Munchie by:
Brenden & Maria Hodge

In Memory of Phoebe by:
Margaret H. Gallagher

In Memory of Phoenix by:
Jennifer Dunham

In Memory of Puppy Duke by:
Zimmerman Family Foundation

In Memory of Rascal by:
Jim & Sue Bartkowiak

In Memory of Reggie by:
Donna D. Williams

In Memory of Remmie by:
Margaret, Tim and Pete Gallagher

In Memory of Rex Hubbard by:
Scott & Wendy Roberts

In Memory of Riley Fitzpatrick Pirotte by:
Brooke and Justin Pirotte

In Memory of Ringo by:
J. Carol Dann

In Memory of Rocko by:
Lisa Darcey Freeman

In Memory of Rocky by:
Kristen Owen

In Memory of Rocky by:
The Fogarty Family

In Memory of The Rogers Pets by:
Helen Rogers

In Memory of Romeo DaCunha by:
Sandra May Becker

In Memory of Roscoe Juergens by:
Jess Cammauf

In Memory of Rosie by:
Robin Myers

In Memory of Roxy by:
Lois Phipps

In Memory of Ruby May Cannon by:
Sandra May Becker

In Memory of Ryder by:
Virginia Wood

In Memory of Sadie by:
Patricia A. Long

In Memory of Samantha Gormley by:
Linda McKean Tillinghast

In Memory of Sammie by:
Deborah Hursh

In Memory of Sammy by:

In Memory of Shadow and CoCoa by:
Scott and Darlene Seippel

In Memory of Smoke by:
David and Lisa Smick

In Memory of Snoop by:

In Memory of Spencer by:
Angelique Hooper

In Memory of Stimpy by:
Virginia Wood

In Memory of Taylor Sapia by:
Paul & Teresa Sapia

In Memory of Teddy by:
Antoinette Bosley

In Memory of Thor by:

In Memory of Tiff by:
Denise D. Miller

In Memory of Twix by:
Robin Myers

In Memory of Twix and Chuck by:
Debra Schuman

In Memory of Vanellope & Frosty by:
Jim & Sue Bartkowiak
Curt and Anna Marie Ohler

In Memory of Waffles Davis by:
Jen, Mike, Boe, Jesse, Chicken and Bernie

In Memory of Weezie Jacobs by:
Michael Jacobs

In Memory of Winston Webster by:

In Memory of Woody and Snoopy by:
Kyle David Shetterly

In Memory of Zena by:
Suzanne Ankerbrand

In Memory of Ziva Macleod by:
Cecilia & Melissa Heddinger

In Memory of Zoe Wessel by:
Lynn & Samantha Katen

In Memory of Zoey by:
Michelle & Sierra Ruedi