Unconditional Love Fund

All across the country on a daily basis, animals are plucked from the streets or pulled from neglectful situations and brought to shelters to receive care and begin their rehabilitation. Some dogs don’t know how to live in a home, or how to do “normal” dog things. They don’t trust people or they don’t know about stairs, noises from televisions and dishwashers, kids, vacuum cleaners, and other everyday things. They sometimes show fear, stress, anxiety, nervousness or a cage presence that potential adopters overlook. While considered lifesaving victories, these rescue dogs can put immense strain on the shelters that are suddenly responsible for many new animals at one time.

That’s why we’ve established our Unconditional Love Fund to help send troubled dogs to professional rehabilitation centers. With patience and kindness some dogs eventually become normal, happy (and grateful) household pets. Others will always have special needs, but in an understanding environment they too can be happy, healthy, wonderful pets.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve given a neglected or abused dog a chance to live in a real home and a loving environment. If you would like to contribute to the Unconditional Love Fund, please use the secure form below.