Fantasy Furball

Please DON’T come to The Humane Society of Harford County’s Fantasy Furball! This is a gala that no one attends on a date that doesn’t exist, in a grand hotel that is nowhere to be found!

Instead, give the money you won’t spend on a black-tie event to the animals! All proceeds directly support the care and comfort of the homeless animals of Harford County and their search for forever homes.

It will be the most fabulous party the County has NEVER WITNESSED!!

Yes, I will NOT be attending The Humane Society of Harford County’s Fantasy Furball. I will support the animals by purchasing one of the following “tickets” (complete the form below):

DIAMOND PAW $500 Ticket

Cancel the limo to help save the life of a heartworm positive dog or a pregnant/nursing mom.

PLATINUM PAW $250 Ticket

Skip the hairdresser and stay home with your family and pets. Give the shelter animals a toasty warm kennel and bed for the winter.

GOLD PAW $100 Ticket

Celebrate in your comfy slippers and sweats. Your gift will support medical care and spay/neuter of a shelter animal.

SILVER PAW $50 Ticket

Skip paying for parking and a babysitter. Celebrate knowing you are providing food and treats for the shelter animals.

BRONZE PAW $_____ Ticket

Save gasoline and make a gift to support the animals’ greatest needs.