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Celebrate life’s special milestones such as a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday – or celebrate a special person or pet, just because!

2017 – PEOPLE

In Honor of Avery and Dylan by:
Shannon Roberts

In Honor of Barlow & Kruse Family by:
Christine Salemi

In Honor of Savana Belsan by:

In Honor of Laura Blanchard by:
Dawn Walters

In Honor of Ellyn Boyd and Jim Singleton by:

In Honor of Lisa Carlini by:
Robin Sullivan

In Honor of Denise Collins by:

In Honor of Susie Davis by:
Candiss Dominick

In Honor of Dr. Dellinger at Greenbrier Vet Clinic by:
Linda Fritch

In Honor of Fallston Veterinary Clinic by:
Ann DeLawder

In Honor of Jen Forquer by:
Jacob Rathbun
Jess Ruano

In Honor of Eliana Fountain by:
David Jacobs
Anne Tilmes

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Brent Gebhardt by:
Harmony Quinn

In Honor of Madison Gugliotta by:
Claudia A. Swiecicki

In Honor of Celie Hanauer by:
Audra Kelly

In Honor of Phillip & Melissa Harmon by:
Pete and Kay Harmon

In Honor of Harper’s Birthday by:
Kathryn Harrington
Heather Lindhorst
Starz Dance & Fitness

In Honor of Joel and Tabitha and Hannah Henson by:
Jennifer Sinsz

In Honor of Casey Horton, Nick Horton, Chelsey Schaefer by:
Cindy Horton

In Honor of Jonah & Jackson by:
Justin Browne

In Honor of Amy Jones by:
AJ Troncelliti

In Honor of Bruce & Carole Kovacs by:
Angela R. Kovacs

In Honor of Tony & Jennifer Kraus by:
Elizabeth M. Kameen

In Honor of Larry Kreis by:
Curt, Anna Marie, and Matthew Ohler

In Honor of Andrea Lulkowski by:
Renee von Gonten

In Honor of The Mark Family by:
Tanya Mark

In Honor of Melissa McClellan by:
Stephanie Atkinson

In Honor of Alma McComas by:
Robert and Mary Moulsdale

In Honor of Sydney McDonald by:
Dorothy Hughes

In Honor of Sonia McGee-Kraus by:
Jane Tilghman

In Honor of Kevin and Rose Meyers by:
Jacqueline Brown

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moulsdale by:
Alma McComas

In Honor of Tom Naugler by:
Jane A. Gilbert

In Honor of Pat Nieberlein by:
Jance, Kyle, Jeremy and Lin

In Honor of Alice and Jim Paradise by:
Jacqueline Brown

In Honor of Margaret D. Pearce by:
Ericka Pearce

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phillabaum by:
Mary P. Caponic

In Honor of Gabrielle Redding by:
Beth MacMillan

In Honor of Laurie Roszell by:
Elizabeth Slade

In Honor of Miss Haley Royce by:
Sherry Royce

In Honor of Avery Scheihing by:
Cheri Wilson

In Honor of Dr. Brian Schmitt by:
Nancy Castle

In Honor of Trisch Schneider by:

In Honor of James & Virginia Stevenson by:
Michael & Christine Stevenson

In Honor of Betsy Stewart by:
Brittany Stewart

In Honor of Carolyn Wells by:
Amy Wilson

In Honor of Jackson & Jonah Wiles by:
Mary Katherine Maynard

In Honor of Dr. Winters by:
Anna Van Atta

In Honor of Linda Zilio by:
Louis P. Sheridan, Jr.

2017 – PETS

In Honor of Chelsea by:
Paul and Cheryl Esposito

In Honor of Clark Kent by:
Robin L. Bozel

In Honor of Colonel Pancake by:
Keith and Jessica Farb

In Honor of Dante by:
Carly Garrett

In Honor of Duke’s Bronchoscopy by:

In Honor of Henry by:
Carl Cartier

In Honor of Mel by:
Frances M. Glidden

In Honor of Millie Khin by:
Lisa Rogers

In Honor of Teddy and Lucy by:
Antoinette Bosley

In Honor of Tommy by:
Todd and Denise Lawson