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Celebrate life’s special milestones such as a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday – or celebrate a special person or pet, just because!

2018 – PEOPLE

In Honor of Jim & Martha Bequette by:
Linda Vinciguerra

In Honor of El and Jim (Ellyn Boyd & Jim Singleton) by:

In Honor of Amy Caprio by:
Marc Evan Bay
Heather Biondino
Jeffrey Robert Calafiore
Lisa Gail Commarata
Patricia Saunders
Jenna Warden

In Honor of Lisa Carlini by:
Sonia McGee-Kraus

In Honor of Joe Cocker & Lisa by:
Nelson and Mary Ellen Herrman

In Honor of Lisa Darcey by:
Bright Oaks Pediatrics

In Honor of Lisa Darcey & Jeff Freeman by:
Jessica Zeller

In Honor of Ms. Bert Decker in celebration of her 100th birthday! by:
Philip H. Perkins

In Honor of Christine Degraff by:
Calvin W. Wheatley

In Honor of Kelly Dellinger, DVM by:
Linda Fritch

In Honor of Tim and Phyllis Doolittle by:
Lawrie Grube

In Honor of Mr. Andy Essery on his retirement by:
Arthur and Linda Zilio

In Honor of Lily Felton by:

In Honor of Karen Fike by:
Donna Gawryck

In Honor of Renee Finnegan by:
Joanne M. Baker

In Honor of Mary Ann Gelfuso’s Birthday by:
Laurie A. Albigese

In Honor of Phillip and Melissa Harmon by:
Brian Stauffer

In Honor of Jessica Harp by:
Arthur and Linda Zilio

In Honor of Ron and Donna Hayes by:
James Fostin Cotchen

In Honor of Lisa Hoerger by:
Tammy R. Brown

In Honor of Bonnie & Jim Hunter by:
Patricia A. Long

In Honor of Bethany Ingram by:
Nina Ingram

In Honor of The January’s by:
Betty Wiitala

In Honor of Micci Johnson and Sharon Johnson by:
Calvin W. Wheatley

In Honor of Amy Jones by:
AJ Troncelliti

In Honor of Jessyca Jordan by:
Barbara Dickson

In Honor of Patricia Lausch by:
Elizabeth Arbogast

In Honor of Kate Lears and Sue Brodie by:
Barb Miller and Constance Briegen

In Honor of Melissa Logan by:
Sandra D. Willig

In Honor of Luke Meerholz by:
Amanda Mathews

In Honor of Kevin & Rose Meyers by:
Jacqueline Brown

In Honor of Lily Miraglia by:
Ron & Pam Simper

In Honor of Monica Nelson by:
John Kobus

In Honor of Jim & Alice Paradise by:
Jacqueline Brown

In Honor of Mary Beth Power by:
Helen M. Merritt

In Honor of Theodore Price by:
Celeste Dells

In Honor of Allie Rayner by:
Robert Rayner

In Honor of Rachael Rice by:
Amie Kershner

In Honor of Laurie Roszell by:
Elizabeth Slade

In Honor of Jill Royce by:
Sherry Royce

In Honor of Silverstein Family Practice by:
Alice M. Moore

In Honor of John K. Smith by:
Caryn Ches

In Honor of Ron and Julie Smith by:
David R. Givens

In Honor of Jacqueline Staffy by:
Arthur and Linda Zilio

In Honor of Harry Stine by:
David Peterson

In Honor of Mary Streeter by:
Patrick O’Shea

In Honor of Sandra Tracy’s 80th Birthday! by:
Mary D. Rose
Ronald R. Roz

In Honor of Tracie Ulmes’ 40th birthday! by:
Sarah F. Prindiville

In Honor of Kathy Vest by:
Amy Spinnato

In Honor of Amanda Wilhelm by:
Joe Durham
Maury Thackston
Margie Wilhelm

2018 – PETS

In Honor of Bella by:
Deidra Frances Hellwig

In Honor of Broonzy by:
Kathleen Minke

In Honor of Buster Lutz by:
Sarah White

In Honor of Colonel Pancake by:
Keith and Jessica Farb

In Honor of Henry by:
Carrie Vivian

In Honor of Molly and Socks by:
Sharon Garey

In Honor of Scooter Hoff by:
Bob Hoff

In Honor of Travis by:
John R. Kennedy